A Perspective of Agent-Based Modeling Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 12:15pm - 1:15pm

A Perspective of Agent-Based Modeling
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  • Date
    Tuesday, February 18, 2020
  • Location
    Carnegie Mellon University Australia
    Classroom 5
  • Category
    Convocation - Public

Abstract of the Talk

Agent-Based Modeling - an agent is an entity that has an internal state and decision-making and communication functions. Agents can model humans, organizations or even objects, such as molecules. Through the micro-interactions of agents, a macro-scale order with bottom-up effects emerges. From the standpoint of creating models via which to view the world, we cannot view micro-scale conditions in detail. Therefore, academia has advanced to the point of observing macro-scale phenomena and creating models involving macro-scale variables.

Because agents have internal states and communication functions, they can observe the macro-scale order. As a result, top-down influences from the macro-scale are transmitted to the micro-level, where they alter agent behaviour. This is the complex behaviour that is generally seen in social phenomena. Once micro-scale agents begin to observe macro-scale phenomena, complex interactions that form micro-macro links arise.

The talk will cover the principles of Agent-Based Modeling; some recent techniques; and applications in socio-technical domains. These topics include i) theoretical and real world issues, ii) differences between technical and social time scales, and iii) validation and accreditation issues.

About the Speaker

Takao TERANO is currently a professor, Chiba University of Commerce. He is also Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Tsukuba, Japan.

He received BA degree in Mathematical Engineering in 1976 from University of Tokyo, M. A. Degree in Information Engineering in 1978 from University of Tokyo and Doctor of Engineering Degree in 1991 from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

His research interests include Agent-based Modeling, Knowledge Systems, Evolutionary Computation, and Service Science. He is a member of editorial boards for major artificial intelligence and system science related academic societies in Japan, a member of IEEE and also president of PAAA.

Recent Articles in Academic Journals

  • Evolutionary Computing and Artificial Intelligence: Essays Dedicated to Takao Terano on the Occasion of His Retirement. (Communications in Comp & Inf. Sci. Book 999) Springer, 2019.
  • Inter-Business Trading Structure Model with Agent-Based Simulation and Its Application to Real Data. SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration 2019 Volume 12 Issue 1 11-19
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