Head, CMU-A Welcome

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Carnegie Mellon University in Australia (CMU-A), I am delighted to welcome you to our campus in Adelaide, South Australia.

CMU-A is part of Carnegie Mellon University’s growing global presence, which now has more than a dozen degree-granting locations. The degrees granted by CMU-A are conferred by CMU’s main campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The criteria for admissions, the curriculum of programs, the calibre of the faculty, and the comprehensiveness of support services match what Pittsburgh offers. The Adelaide campus, thus, is a replica our main American campus.

My colleagues and I understand the highest importance you place on education. We appreciate the fact that you have come to visit CMU-A to see if what we offer matches or exceeds your expectations in terms of quality and value.

Three reasons underpin our confidence that CMU-A offers compelling value and quality for those seeking to study information technology, information systems and public policy and management.

The first is our commitment to excellence. This commitment is reflected in the fact that CMU is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world. Our master’s programs are likewise ranked among the top 10 US universities. We strive for excellence because we want to attract those who want to become the best information technologists, information systems managers, and public sector professionals that they can be.

The second is our record of performance. The university values results and the impact that our faculty and graduates make in the world. Our faculty members in Pittsburgh, Adelaide and other campuses have distinguished themselves in their respective areas. The various awards they have received testify to their professional competencies and help explain why our graduates go on to achieve their own successes in different fields.

The third is our pursuit of innovation. CMU is a world-leader in research and development. Our faculty and students have an abiding passion for basic and applied research. With more than 90 centres and institutes, CMU invests substantial resources in research. As the first university to officially form a computer science department, CMU continues to be at the cutting-edge of technology developments. CMU also pioneered the field of decision sciences that has contributed to finding creative solutions to complex problems.

These three factors – commitment to excellence, record of performance, and pursuit of innovation – combine to ensure that we produce graduates who can add tremendous value to wherever they apply themselves.

What adds considerable power to our programs is that we harness the individual strengths of our students. We work with students in the course of their studies to customize their degrees through a variety of course electives that can be taken in Adelaide or from other campuses through video conference classes.

In terms of design, our curricula for the information technology, information systems, and public policy and management programs provide solid theoretical foundations. Through synthesis projects and internships, our students sharpen their skills working with actual clients to produce practical deliverables. Clients have come from a wide-range of large, medium, and small scale public and private sector entities across Australia and various international locations.

With more than 85% of our students coming from over 30 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, the Adelaide campus is among the most international of CMU’s campuses. The faculty and staff also reflect a similar cultural diversity. Adelaide itself is a highly cosmopolitan city, a marvellous combination of nationalities and cultures coexisting harmoniously in a peaceful yet stimulating environment.                                                                                                                 

In this message it is no doubt evident that I take great pride in the work we do at CMU-A. This is in great part because, to borrow the words of Acting President Farnam Jahanian, “our work is from the heart”. We are simply passionate about what we can do better for our students. We do not settle for anything less than excellence, performance, and innovation. Because, as CMU founder Andrew Carnegie once said, our goal is to produce graduates who will “do real and permanent good in this world”.


Best wishes,

Emil P. Bolongaita