President's Welcome

I welcome your interest in joining one of the world's most highly regarded research universities. CMU is well-known for its strength in integrating the power of technology in order to improve human life and work.

The university was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1900 by industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Since the beginning, its focus was on the education and preparation of young people to have an impact on their communities and professions. This focus on applying science and technology to solve practical problems is still a living part of Carnegie Mellon's culture and is remarkably in tune with what the world needs in the 21st century.

Our focus is transdisciplinary : faculty and students develop strong expertise in their field of study and then are supported to reach out and apply this expertise collaboratively, across disciplines. The university has invented new fields of study in this way: the CMU faculty helped form such fields of study as artificial intelligence, management science, human computer interaction, machine learning, robotics and decision sciences. CMU faculty and alumni have won 19 Nobel Prizes - a remarkable record for an institution of a relatively small size.

Today, Carnegie Mellon offers degree programs and offerings all over the world. In choosing to study at CMU in Australia you also become a member of a global community of scholars.

In a world where the most serious problems and the greatest opportunities are unfolding on a scale that crosses borders of all kinds, I encourage you to take part in that worldwide network to the fullest.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Carnegie Mellon community.

Dr Subra Suresh
President of Carnegie Mellon University