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New approaches for successful use of data analytics in the public sector

Governments using data analytics will find themselves increasingly drawn into creating social licence for these applications. This paper develops some strategies for achieving it. The need will be greatest where two conditions are present.


  • Timothy O’Loughlin and Rachel Bukowitz

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Technology Business Incubation in a Philippine State University: Lesson learned from South Australia based leading technology business incubator

This paper is aimed to provide useful information for the sustainability of the VSU-AFTBI by looking at the success of Southeast Asia’s leading technology business incubator – The New Venture Institute (NVI) of Flinders University.


  • Crislin B. Cruz, Timothy O’Loughlin and Alan B. Loreto

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ANZSOG Case Program: Fighting an invisible crime: protecting girls in Guatemala

The growth of ‘governance’ institutions in Latin America has been uneven from colonial times. For specific historical and locational reasons, Central American nations have generally lagged those of South America in the development of such institutions.


  • Sara Hurtarte and Timothy O'Loughlin

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