Fees and Scholarships

At Carnegie Mellon University in Australia, we strive to make a graduate education accessible to talented students through numerous scholarship opportunities. All of our Australian students receive financial subsidy for the local programs from Carnegie Mellon.

Tuition Fees


Tuition Fee

MSPPM (12-Month Track)168$48,888
MSPPM, including DTA
Specialisation (21-Month Track)
MSIT, including InfoSec
(12-Month Track)
MSIT, including InfoSec
(21-Month Track)
MSIT-BIDA (21-Month Track)168$56,952
Advanced Cert in BIDA96$32,544
Graduate Cert in BIDA48$16,272

Degrees are awarded by CMU Pittsburgh, accredited in both US and Australia


  1. Overall cost listed above is inclusive of a financial package from CMU.
  2. Tuition fees are charged for coursework on a per unit basis when studying on a part-time basis.
  3. The tuition rate typically increases approximately 3% in August each year.
  4. The internship study period incurs no cost (only applicable for 21-month tracks).
  5. Deferral of admission will incur tuition fees at the prevailing rate.

Downer-Rann Scholarships

The Downer-Rann Scholarship is a substantial scholarship awarded to talented and meritorious individuals who seek to enhance their careers in the fields of public policy, information technology, cybersecurity and data analytics. Learn more

ProgramsTotal Tuition
before Scholarship

Total Tuition
after Scholarship
MSIT-ITM, including InfoSec
MSIT-ITM, including InfoSec
MSIT-BIDA (21-Month)**$56,952$23,730
Advanced Cert in BIDA
Graduate Cert in BIDA
MSPPM (12-Month)*
MSPPM, including Digital Transformation
and Analytics Specialisation (21-Month)**

* Professional work experience of ≥ 3 years
** Professional work experience of < 3 years

Note: The unit cost for Information Technology programs is AUD $339 per unit. For Public Policy, it is AUD $291 per unit.

CMU-A Academic Merit Scholarships

Available for: MSPPM & MSIT programs. Global programs are awarded academic merit scholarships by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Scholarship value: Up to AUD $10,000

We seek to attract the very best and brightest students from around the world. Our competitive scholarship and awards program allows us to remove hurdles which may otherwise prevent deserving future leaders from attaining a prestigious Carnegie Mellon University degree.

How to Apply

The application assessment process for admission into Carnegie Mellon University in Australia assesses both the applicant's strength for entrance into the program, while simultaneously assessing merit for a scholarship or award.

When lodging your program application simply tick the scholarship application box when you apply. Scholarships are only awarded once a completed, eligible application is submitted. Confirmation of the scholarship value will be provided at the time of offer into the program.


Available to: Fee-paying students who are either Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents with a humanitarian visa.

Available for: All programs

The Higher Education Loan Program includes a loan scheme called FEE-HELP for domestic fee paying students. Eligible students can take out a FEE-HELP loan to assist with their tuition fees.

Eligible students may choose to defer some, or all, of their tuition fees to FEE-HELP.

FEE-HELP is available to commencing students who are either Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents with a humanitarian visa, and some continuing students. FEE-HELP is not available to students undertaking Commonwealth Supported Postgraduate Coursework programs, nor to students who are not Australian citizens (except for those in possession of a PR humanitarian visa).

See the FEE-HELP website and the Australian Government's Study Assist website for more details.

Government of South Australia Employee

Salary package your self-education expenses – and save

As an employee of the Government of South Australia, you may be eligible to salary package (or salary ‘sacrifice’) your self-education expenses. This means you could use your pre-tax dollars to pay for these expenses and potentially save on tax – and you do not have to wait until tax time to claim these expenses.

You could claim:

  • The cost to you of a prescribed course of education including any textbooks or equipment relevant to the course of study. The invoice CMU-A provides to students for fees and materials (e.g. case studies) can be used as a supporting document for this cost.
  • Return travel costs incurred between home and the place of education
  • Return travel costs incurred between work and the place of education
  • The cost of meals and accommodation when participating in self-education activities, where you are required to be temporarily away from home for one or more nights.

If interested, it is recommended that you contact Maxxia on 1300 123 123 to enquire about salary packaging your self-education expenses.