After you apply

Application process for all programs (except global)

The application process detailed below is meant for all CMU-A programs except MISM Global and MSPPM Global.

Acknowledgement of your application

The Admissions Office will send you an acknowledgement email once you’ve submitted your application. 

If your application is complete and if no further information is required, your application will be assessed in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Notification of application outcome

Successful Application

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer by email. Refer to the instructions on how to accept your offer.

Unsuccessful Application

If your application is unsuccessful, you will receive a notification via e-mail and no further action is required. 

Letter of Offer

The letter of offer advises you of the terms of the university’s offer, the general conditions that need to be satisfied and any specific conditions that may apply to your entry into our programs. 

Accepting your offer

If the offer is conditional, you wiil need to meet these conditions prior to commencing the program.

If the offer is unconditional, please complete the response form and email it together with a copy of your passport photo page and medicare card to the admissions office.  A sample of the response form is provided below.

Sample Response Form

After accepting your offer

Health Care

International students require Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) for the duration of their studies in Australia. The Admissions Office can arrange this for you if you nominate the type of cover you require in your acceptance form, or you can arrange your own OSHC - see the OSHC website for more details. Students choosing to bring their partner or family should contact CMU-A for more information.

Student Visa 

Once your deposit has been received and Overseas Student Health Cover arranged, the Admissions Office will issue you with Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You’ll need to attach this to your visa application - see here for details about how to apply and what documents you'll need to provide, and here for more information about conditions of your visa, including work conditions.

Please note that if there are any changes to your visa arrangements, you'll need to contact the Admissions Office.

Students with Families


The cost of supporting a family in Australia is very high and it is important to ensure that you have sufficient funds to support them financially. Standard costs can include:

  • airfares to and from Australia
  • additional accommodation costs if you need a bigger place
  • extra costs for food, clothing and other necessities
  • schooling and childcare costs

Visit this website for further information on living costs in Adelaide, or try this student living cost calculator.

Bringing dependent family members

The Australian Government allows most students to bring their family members to Australia as their dependents. Dependent family members include your spouse or defacto partner and dependent children. You must declare all your dependent family members in your student visa application, even if they do not travel with you.

You'll find more information about bringing your family here.

If you do bring dependent family members, the free Telephone Interpreter Service is available for non-English speakers.

Application process for MISM Global and MSPPM Global

The application process for the global programs can be found here.