Australia Awardees

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia undertakes the management of the Australian Government Scholarships on behalf of Australia Awards Scholarships.

As an American university located in Australia, we offer our Masters programs for study for students seeking to study on an Australian Government Scholarship. This is a unique opportunity for Awardees to gain an American degree from one of the world's leading universities whilst studying in Australia. 

The Scholarships Handbook serves as a guide on student management and scholarship processes. Read the handbook and become familiar with your responsibilities and entitlements. Always refer to the handbook first if you have any questions about your scholarship program.

At Carnegie Mellon we have our own Australia Awards Institution, Finance and Student Support Officer who will ensure that you are supported during your studies at Carnegie Mellon and life in Adelaide. 

Eligible Programs

CMU-A is a participating institution for both our 12 and 21 month Master programs in Public Policy and Management and Information Technology as listed on the Australia Awards website.

Our programs have three terms a year while other Australian Universities only have two terms a year.  Therefore, our 21 month program is equivalent to other Australian universities' 2 year program.  Although CMU-A's program is 21 months, you are still eligible to choose CMU-A as your first preference.  

As CMU-A's programs are 21 months and Australia Awards will not cover reunion fare for applicants travelling alone without family studying at CMU-A, we will provide a reunion airfare to 2017 Australia Awards students studying a 21 month program who are travelling alone without family. If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Office.

Introductory Academic Program

Australia Awardees are provided with their own orientation sessions as part of the Introductory Academic Program. The sessions will cover your students entitlements, rights and support you will receive during your studies and stay in Adelaide. 

Boom Enriquez

Master of Science in Public Policy alumnus, Philippines Australian Award Recipient, Senior Communication Officer at Office of Senator Bam Aquino

“It has been a trans-formative experience for me to be awarded with an Australia Award scholarship, live in Adelaide for a year and to be able to study in Carnegie Mellon University in Australia, one of the top American universities in the world.

CMU offered what I needed and wanted at this point in my life, an opportunity to take a master's degree for only a year, which is world-class, up to date and comprehensive in content and instruction.  I wanted to study the best practices in both American and Australian public policy.  CMU-A is not for the faint of heart; if you want to undergo world-class education, a rigorous training, development of self-leadership and character, and a meaningful master's experience, then go for it!  The world will be your oyster after giving everything for a CMU degree."