CHED-CMU Scholarship for Higher Education Staff and Faculty

Study where Technology, Analytics and Policy combine. Full scholarship cover for Master of Science degrees at Carnegie Mellon University Australia.

The scholarships are available on a competitive basis for Filipino faculty and staff of Philippine Higher Education Institutions to study the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management and Master of Science in Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University in Australia.

The Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has forged a scholarship partnership with Carnegie Mellon University in Australia to expand opportunities for qualified faculty and staff to pursue graduate studies abroad during the K to 12 transition period.

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Applicants must be Filipino citizens and current faculty or staff of CHED recognised higher education institutions in the Philippines.

Note: Upon completion of the Master Degree at CMU-A, applicants must render return service following at least a 2:1 ratio (two years of service for every one year of scholarship) to the University where they were working before accepting the CHED-CMU Scholarship.

How To Apply

  • Fill out the Enquiry Form
  • One of our student adviser's will get in touch with you to get started on your application.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the next intake is now closed.

If your IELTS test date is after the deadline, make sure to indicate the test date in the application. This also applies if you're still waiting to receive your Transcript records.

Meet the CHED students at CMU-A

Carl Demetria

Carl Demetria is a Medical Specialist with the West Visayas State University Medical Centre in Iloilo City.

Joyce Gatchalian

Joyce Gatchalian holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Master of Science in Information Technology from the De La Salle University in Manilla.

Michel Basister

Mr. Michel Basister is the Education Program Specialist for the Human Resources Section for the Department of Education in Naga City and part-time Assistant Professor II, School of Graduate Studies, University of Nueva Careres, Naga City.


Educating Filipino Leaders - Student Stories

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Ms. Astrofil Alcala is Assistant Professor and Department Head of the department of Computing and Library Information Science with the University of Southern Mindanao.

In addition, Astrofil is the College Guidance Co-ordinator, Committee Leader for Accreditation, Department Research Co-ordinator, Extension Project Member and Program Head of the Master of Information Systems at the University’s Graduate School.

A desire to improve and develop the University’s systems and services promoted Astrofil to enroll at Carnegie Mellon University.

“With limited resources and competing interests there is always a need to do more with less”, said Astrofil.

“I’ve come to CMU-A to learn more about management, the application of technology and innovation particularly in the area of resource management and procurement – especially with regards to software procurement, policy, procedures and protocols.

“This will be of great assistance to my University, as while some software is available through open source, the bottleneck is that we don’t know what should be used or acquired and how”, she said.

Mr. Michael Bonifacio is employed by the Central Mindanao University in Maramag where he holds a fulltime faculty position teaching management, business and governance.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in Business Management.

His vision is to contribute to improving the level of compliance among businesses with regards to statues and regulations set by law enforcement agencies in areas of corporate social responsibility.

He wants to develop a manual and model for business operators especially in rural Philippines as a catalyst to achieving a more productive, sustainable community in the region.

“I intend to create an instructional manual in business and governance to establish practical guidelines on how businesses and social enterprises can operate without compromising the generation of income and profit, said Michael.

“My post graduate research has helped me develop tactics and strategies for managers to attain efficient and effective performance in financial management, human resource management, marketing, operations and leadership”, he said.

Michael chose to study at CMU-A to enhance his skills and knowledge in management so that he can influence the next generation of business leaders and managers through his class instruction.

Ms. Crislin Cruz is a Science Research Assistant with Visayas State University (VSU) in Baybay City, Philippines. Crislin graduated from VSU and was the University’s only Bachelor of Science in Economics Cum Laude graduate in 2011.

After working in the banking sector, Crislin returned to VSU to continue her passion for education, technology and innovation through research. In addition, this role she is the project development assistant of the DOST-PCAARRD-VSU Agriculture and Food Technology Business Incubator (Agri-TBI).

Her interests are economics, rural development, social entrepreneurship, research & innovation and public policy. After graduating from CMU-A, Crislin will return to VSU to will help manage Agri-TBI working on commercializing the mature technologies and IP assets of the University and other R&D institutions in the region and become a faculty teaching in the College of Management and Economics.

Crislin chose CMU-A because of its global reputation and the courses offered, and was delighted to be awarded a scholarship sponsored by the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education.

When she returns to the Philippines, Crislin will use her skills and knowledge to evaluate and improve operations at the University writing operational manuals and developing polices that could bring improved effectiveness and increased adherence to the university’s operation and functions to its core values of relevance, integrity, truth and excellence.

“I also want to engage in research specifically in rural development and recommend strong policy that would economically help farmers and fisher folks in the region and in the nation in general,” she said.

Ms. Harlene Mamit is the Supervising Guidance Counselor, and head of the guidance office, at the Arellano University Pasig, Philippines.

She has a Masters’ degree in Psychology and a Masters’ in Guidance and Counseling, both from the Manuel L. Quezon University, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines.

Harlene also teaches psychology at the University with every first-year student required to study psychology and has held a similar counseling role at Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manilla.

Harlene is interested in Education, Poverty and Welfare Policy. She is particularly passionate about raising the education standards of the Philippines. Her focus is the new K to 12 program, especially the Senior High School students, and the holistic development of every student she works with.

She is proud that Arellano University is one of the first private Universities who have agreed to accept Government vouchers to cover the tuition fees for public high school students.

“When I return to the Philippines, I want to work with fellow lecturers and administrators at the University to influence policy changes in education, specifically raising awareness of the considerable benefits of Senior High School education”, she said.

“It will be a challenge to overcome the strong perception that this is costly and a ‘waste of time’ but I am determined to make a difference using the world class learnings and high standard of education system I received at Carnegie Mellon University.

“I am passionate about education and believe that every Filipino has the right to quality education and no one should be left behind,” she said.

Mr. Raniel Pamatmat is a fulltime faculty member at the University of the Philippines (UP) teaching business studies, accounting and finance. His passion is to educate people on financial literacy. He is regularly invited as a resource speaker on business finance at the Development Center for Finance (DCF) and the Institute of Small Scale Industries (ISSI) in the Philippines.

Before taking up this role at UP, Raniel held the position of Junior Associate with Future Value Associates, a company providing consulting and management services to small to medium enterprises.

Raniel holds a double degree in Business Administration and Accountancy from the University of the Philippines having studied in the prestigious Cesar E.A Virata School of Business. An outstanding student, Raniel graduated in 2015 with Magna Cum Laude honors and was awarded the Dean’s Medal for exemplary academic performance.

“I am most interested developing and building financial literacy in my community especially in the area of management and analysis”, said Raniel.

“Studying at CMU will help me build my own skills. After graduation I plan to return to UP and involve myself in projects with the Cesar Virata School of Business, researching in areas such as economics, public policy and business administration.”

Ms. Yvette Solas is a fulltime faculty member with the University of Lloilo in Lloilo City, and holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in political science and a Diploma in Education. She is also a licensed teacher for secondary education.

Yvette values education and knows that personal success depends very much on a good education. She is concerned there is still opposition in the Philippines to the introduction of a K-12 curriculum extending high school by two years beyond Year 10 standard.

As a teacher, she wants to be part of this transition bringing educational opportunities to all in the Philippines so as to produce globally competitive graduates, prepare students for tertiary education, develop skills, employment opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship.

She believes that studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Australia, a school with an outstanding reputation in policy analysis, will equip her with the skills and knowledge to be an agent of change in the Philippines.

Yvette’s dream is to use education to make a difference, and her grandest idea is to work to reduce traffic congestion in the City of Iloilo.

Master of Science in Information Technology Management

Ms. Jerame Beloy holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Masters in Business Management (MBM), and it’s her passion for combining the two that led her to Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters’ degree.

While pure computer science isn’t for her, Jerame is excited by the power of information technology management and the many benefits for businesses. As part of her MBM, Jerame wrote a thesis on using information technology in Human Resource Management.

Jerame teaches Business Information Technology at Mindanao State University, Iligan Institute of Technology and is enrolled in the Information Technology Management concentration at CMU.

Her aim is to advance her skills and knowledge. “I want to help my students by making them more employable graduates. This can only happen if I equip myself more in this field and I know Carnegie Mellon University is one of the best universities to do this”, she said.

Mr. Jerry Canale is a graduate from the Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) holding a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. A career in computer science was not Jerry’s first choice, but a teacher encouraged him to pursue what he loved. Jerry’s interest in computers was piqued when he was offered a free computer short course on word processing, spreadsheets and basic programming in fourth-year high school.

After graduating, Jerry joined a Real Estate company who were early adopters of information technology as part of its daily business operations. In this role, Jerry was able to develop and customize software for accounts receivable, marketing and sales monitoring and lead generation – a rewarding role, as he was able to design systems to support employees doing tedious and repetitive tasks.

After several years working in the private sector in software development including one where his software won the Quality Circle competition, Jerry returned to academia, taking up a role as AdDU’s computer programmer and doing some teaching.

As well as studying at CMU-A, Jerry plans to use his time to learn more about the IT systems used by the university in its day to day operations to see what he can use when returning to AdDU.

“A CMU education will give me a leap regarding credibility and will add to the prestige of my University department and AdDU as a whole," said Jerry.

“I intend to keep teaching using the knowledge and experience gained at CMU. I want to impart this to my students who will be our future technology champions and leaders," said Jerry.

Mr. Freedierick Claud is a Cum Laude graduate from the Far Eastern University (FEU) in the Philippines, gaining a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics majoring in Information Technology.

In 2013, Freedierick joined the FEU as a part-time lecturer in Math and Computer Science and is currently the Assistant Program Head in the University’s Information Technology Department at

the Makati campus in Manila. In this role he teaches computer programming language courses and mentors undergraduate IT students in their capstone projects. He is also responsible for building relations with the Corporate sector in order to create internship opportunities for students.

Freedierick has enrolled in a Master of Science in Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University to improve his skills and capabilities so that he can make a greater contribution to the education of young Fillipinos when he returns to his role at FEU.

“I chose CMU-A because of its global reputation and outstanding faculty and particularly because I can both study information technology and public policy and management”, said Freedierick.

“CMU-A is one of the few universities that bring these two important study areas together into one degree.

“The management and advanced IT that I will gain from the program will prepare me in the future to assume higher management responsibilities and will help me overcome complex problems and challenges by making effective decisions”, he said.

Ms. Kim Ligue graduated from the University of the Philippines Mindanao with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics majoring in Operations Research. Since graduating, Kim has pursued a career in teaching at her alma mater.

Kim is interested in using mathematical techniques to solve problems in resource allocation and optimization and mathematical modelling, statistics and data analytics.

For her thesis, Kim worked on a project which aimed to provide flood hazard maps of the 13 river basins in the Davao Region using GIS technology.

As a result of this work, Kim was offered a post at the faculty of UP Mindanao where she is continuing the river basin hydrologic modeling work under the supervision of project leader Dr Joseph Acosta. This role has opened up a teaching position for Kim, who is now a fulltime faculty member of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences.

She endeavors to continually expand her field of expertise so as to better contribute as a citizen of the Philippines through instruction, research, and extension.

“When I return to the Philippine I plan to continue my career in academia as it is my personal and humble way of serving my country”, she said.

"I am excited to be undertaking a Master of Information Technology at CMUA which will equip me with new skills and knowledge and be of great benefit to the students at UP Mindanao,” she said.

Mr. Geldof Resuello is a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics graduate of the University of the Philippines.

While Geldof is interested in research, statistics, actuarial science and finance, he was specifically drawn to a career in information technology because of the many benefits that can be derived by industries in the Information Age.

After graduating, Geldof secured roles in the banking and financial sectors developing software programs that increased efficiency in information processing. A desire to be of service and give back to society influenced Geldof to resign from his corporate role in 2015 to take up a post at Mapua University as Mathematics Instructor.

For Geldof, teaching is more than being able to impart knowledge. He sees his role as an influencer – empowering students to become the best they can be and inspiring them to always have integrity in all their endeavours.

Geldof is studying Master of Science in Information Technology with the intent of advancing his technology skills, building strong global networks and learning about technological advances which might be applicable in the Philippines. He believes that Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), being among the top universities in the field, is the best fit to help him in attaining his goals.

“Studying at CMU will allow me to strengthen my networking and leadership skills and to leverage on future technological advances from other countries that I could bring home to my country," said Geldof.

“When I return home, and back to Mapua University, I see myself going beyond the classroom and engaging in the training and mentoring of future thought-leaders in IT. I want to make the Philippines renowned in IT innovation", he said.

Award Value

The CHED-CMU scholarship covers the following :

  • Full Tuition Fee
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Accommodation and Living Expenses
  • International Airfare
  • Visa Fees
  • Airport pickup
  • Books and Research
  • CMU Professional Development Fellowship to attend a professional development conference in Australia

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements

Bachelor's degree

CMU Institutional Maths Online Test

You are required to sit for CMU Institutional Maths Online Test. It is a one hour test comprising 32 multiple choice questions. The topics include basic algebra, calculus and statistics calculations. The test can only be taken once and you will need to achieve a minimum score of 80%.

English Language Proficiency

Applicants are required to submit scores from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) - Academic or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Note: If you've yet to sit for your IELTS/TOEFL test, please proceed to submit your application for the Admissions Committee's review. Should you be given a conditional offer, CMU-A will pay for you to sit the IELTS test.

If your test date is within one month of the application deadline, please be sure to email the scores to the office of admissions

You may submit scores from up to 4 valid TOEFL or IELTS exam dates. CMU Australia will use the highest score verified in each section if you have taken the exam more than one time. For every score you wish to include with your application, you must report the exam date(s) and submit the official score report(s). We will not accept exam scores for test dates that are not listed on the application.


  • iBT preferred
  • Scores must be submitted directly by Educational Testing Service (ETS). CMU-A Institution Code is 2318
  • The minimum TOEFL score is 22 on each section of the Internet-based test.


  • You may submit International English Language Testing System (IELTS) results in place of the TOEFL.
  • The "Academic" format of the IELTS is required.
  • Test scores must be submitted directly by IELTS.
  • The minimum IELTS score is 6.5 overall and 6.0 in each band.

If you took either of these tests more than two years ago, you MUST take it again. The testing agency will not verify scores more than two years old.

If your score is below the minimum on either exam, you should consider retaking the TOEFL/IELTS before applying.


Applicants are required to submit a resume. Please submit a one or two page summary of your education skills, accomplishments, employment experience and volunteer experience. The resume must be current and include all part-time and full-time work experience, the dates of when the employment began and ended and a brief description of your responsibilities under the title of the position.

Your resume should contain only true information and your own, original writing. If you include a quote or text written by any other person or published in any printed or online format, you must surround the copied text in quotation marks (") and indicate the original source of the text. Information reported on your resume is subject to verification. CMU Australia utilises several methods to identify plagiarised and falsified content in uploaded documents. Submission of false or plagiarised material as part of the application for admission may result in automatic denial of admission to any degree program.


Transcripts can be scanned and uploaded directly into the online application.

Successful candidates will need to arrange for the original transcripts to be sent directly from the registrar of your instiution to CMU-A Admissions Office. Transcripts sent by your institution could be emailed electronically OR mailed to the Admissions Office in a sealed envelope (unopened) and signed across the seal by the registrar's office to :

Admissions Office Carnegie Mellon University in Australia Torrens Building 220 Victoria Square Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

Tel: +61 8 8201 9900



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