Strategic Presentation Skills (94-718)

As professionals, we present ourselves in a variety of ways, including the manner in which we collaborate, write, design visuals, and speak. Each of these influences how we are viewed, how others position us in an organisation and, in some cases, the pace at which we accelerate towards our career goals. The purpose of Strategic Presentation Skills is to use and further develop these skills to be able to produce and deliver focused, creative, evidence-driven approaches to the way we present ourselves verbally.
Learning Objectives: 

• Speak with confidence and authority 
• Develop a clear outline that organises and structures information for a presentation 
• Apply good practice principles to presentations 
• Appropriately target and engage an audience 
• Apply principles of ethos, pathos, and logos 
• Use visual aids appropriately 
• Anticipate audience questions and respond confidently to them

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