Consulting Lab (94-803)

Communication is the glue that holds consulting engagements, teams, and relationships together. Arguably, the better a consultant you are, the better a communicator you are, and the best communicators tend to make very good consultants (nice symmetry there). Poor communication and other “soft skills” can derail a consulting engagement and with it, a promising consulting career. As an example, a Gartner Group study found that 80% of all IT projects were late, overbudget, or failed completely because of poor communication at the outset. 

This course will help students interested in a consulting career acquire new skills in everything from personal branding to asking high-value, incisive questions to building strong, long-term client relationships

Learning Objectives

  • Get you comfortable with communicating yourself and your ideas to small & large groups; 
  • Give you immediately-applicable skills to apply; 
  • Expose you to a variety of “consulting situations”, including replying to RFPs, writing good emails, team participation and leadership, presentation skills, “reading” clients, and developing relationships; 
  • Have you come out a more prepared, confident, and comfortable professional, able to present yourself and your ideas more clearly, powerfully, and effectively, and add value to the consultant-client relationship at every stage.

  • Units