Corporate Finance (95-825)

This course focuses on key financial theories and analytical techniques essential for decision-making in corporations. It is important for those who plan to pursue a leadership role or a management career in a corporation to acquire sufficient level of financial expertise in order to be a qualified board member or a competent member of the senior management team. This course will provide the knowledge, skills, and experience for making corporate investment, financing, dividend payout, risk management, and other related decisions. 

Learning Objectives: 

Primary objectives are: (a) to familiarize you with the principles and techniques of financial management; (b) to help you develop and sharpen your analytic abilities in financial management; and (c) to apply the financial management knowledge and skills in decision-making process in corporations. 

Prerequisite note: 

95715 Financial Accounting & 95716 Principles of Finance, or 90724 Financial Analysis or equivalent finance courses.

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