Introduction to Python (95-898)

This mini-length course focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming using the Python interpreted programming language.

Students will develop his or her problem solving skills using the divide-and-conquer and top-down approaches to build standalone software applications. Assignments will include hands-on lab practice coding, weekly fundamental theoretical checkpoint quizzes, divide-and-conquer approach programming projects, and an examination to test essential programming and problem solving skills.

OOP (object oriented programming) will be used in this course. Learners will study how to build professional, user-friendly computer programs applicable to real-world usage in such areas as public policy and security analysis.

This course is designed for people with little or no programming knowledge; it is a good introduction to OOP programming. If you take this course, you do not want to take Python for Developers nor Data Focused Python.


Learning Outcomes

  • Use the Python IDLE integrated development environment in interactive and script mode to both test code snippets and author professional programs.
  • Learn Windows text command line and Macintosh terminal usage for writing and executing Python source code.
  • Develop problem solving skills through practice and understanding of the divide-and-conquer and top-down approaches.
  • Form and manipulate sequences of data (such as lists, dictionaries, tuples).
  • Produce modules of functions and class definitions for code reuse.
  • Units