IT Project Management (95-808)

Organizations are investing billions of dollars annually to implement IT projects; the price for a single IT project can be in the millions, even billions, of dollars. Despite the cost and number of IT projects that are undertaken, the percentage of IT projects that fail, have cost overruns, or take longer time than planned is significant. For those large, complex IT projects, the project manager is expected to lead a team of diverse team members to complete the assignment. 

This course addresses the subject of Project Management from the perspective of a manager rather than a deep dive of tools and templates used by a Project Manager. It gives you an overview of the toolset available to a Project Manager and how that may be used to manage a project and give a view of the project or project portfolio to the senior management. We will talk about the demands made on the Project Manager. 

The in-class learning is supplemented with online simulations exercises during the course. 

Besides the traditional role it is important to recognize that in many organizations the Project Manager is inextricably linked to the business and is constantly either making a business impacting decision or providing data to senior managers to make a business decision. The course will also give you a flavor of how to measure a project in the business sense and will touch on some the business tradeoffs that a project management team or the company may be facing and some of this will be reinforced using Case Studies. 

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