Policy Analysis I (90-705)

This course is an intensive introduction to the discipline and practice of public policy. It provides the students with a solid grounding of theoretical frameworks through course readings. At the same time, the course provides the students with real-life appreciation of the challenges and complexities of policymaking and implementation through case studies and occasional guest lectures. Students are immersed in the key phases of the policy cycle, namely agenda-setting, options formulation, decision-making, implementation, and evaluation. Class discussions are linked to current events and debates in public policy to further illustrate and deepen understanding of the appropriate application of strategies, tactics, and approaches to effective policy entrepreneurship and results-focused policymaking. 

Learning Objectives: 

Students who successfully complete this class will be able to: 

1. demonstrate a knowledge of key concepts in public policy and decision-making 
2. demonstrate an ability to apply them to the analysis of policy options, implementation strategies and the evaluation of results in public policy making 
3. demonstrate an ability to recognize complexities of policy and decision-making in practice, and identity possible means of addressing them and 
4. communicate their analysis and findings clearly and directly in their written work and in verbal presentations

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