Principles of Finance (95-716)

It is strongly recommended that course 95-715 Financial Accounting be taken first. 

Critical to a project is getting it funded. Managers need to be able to convince C-suite officers that investment in their project will contribute to the company’s value. 

This course focuses on financial techniques used in making business decisions. Fundamental principles of finance provide students with the basic tools necessary to analyze how managers evaluate investment and financing options. Students learn how to use a variety of capital budgeting techniques which shed light on the financial impact of choosing various projects and how to build the financial business case. 

This class will use a combination of lecture, videos readings, exercises and case analysis. You will be graded on a series individual assignments and quizzes.
Learning Objectives: 

1. Locate financial information to analyze companies 
2. Describe how their decisions as managers will affect the financial statements. 
3. Discuss the balance sheet and income statement and how the most common accounts are valued. 
4. Determine how profits are calculated. 
5. Understand how changes in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet affect the availability of cash necessary to meet business needs. 
6. Analyze a company’s financial health using ratio analysis

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