Programming R for Analytics (94-842)

This course introduces students to R, a widely used statistical programming language. Students will learn to manipulate data objects, produce graphics, analyse data using common statistical methods, and generate reproducible statistical reports. They will also gain experience in applying these acquired skills in various public policy areas.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the class, students learn to:

• Use RStudio, read R documentation, and write R scripts.
• Import, export and manipulate data.
• Produce statistical summaries of continuous and categorical data.
• Produce basic graphics using standard functions, and produce more advanced graphics using the lattice and ggplot2 packages.
• Perform common hypothesis tests, and run simple regression models in R
• Produce reports of statistical analyses in R Markdown.

Soft Prerequisites:

No prior programming experience is required. Students are expected to have statistics knowledge at the level of 90711 - Statistical Methods or 95796 - Statistics for IT Managers.

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