Statistics for IT Managers (95-796)

This is an introductory course in statistics and data analysis. No background in statistics is required. Its purpose is to teach basic statistical tools for analyzing data, with a focus on problems seen in IT management positions. There are three modules: 1. descriptive statistics, 2. statistical inference, and 3. regression analysis. 

The discussion of descriptive statistics will include summary statistics to describe data. The discussion of statistical inference is designed to acquaint you to hypothesis tests and confidence intervals. The final module introduces regression analysis, a widely used methodology. We will be using the statistical software package Minitab.
Learning Objectives: 

-Apply statistical tools to analyze problems in IT and PP 
- Describe the merits and limitations of statistics to IT and PP applications 
- Characterize data with appropriate statistical tests 
- Use common statistical tools to answer problems quantitatively 
- Interpret statistical analyses 
- Appreciate the interpretation of statistical models as a source of knowledge to guide decision-making

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