Future of Governance:
Big Data, Participation and Effective Regulation

Regulation, Big Data and Data Analytics: A New Era

Carnegie Mellon University has designed a 2-day workshop to explore this new frontier for policy-makers, regulators and those working with them. The delivery of public services is increasingly using descriptive and predictive analytics to analyse big data. However, its application in the public sector is proving to be challenging.

Participants in this workshop will hear:

  • Productivity Commissioner (and former Head of DPC in Victoria and NSW), Ken Baxter, on providing reliable and credible flows of data and information to and from Departments and Departmental Heads in particular to Ministers and Ministerial staff
  • Australian Taxation Office Executive Director for Data and Analytics Strategy, Meg Haseldine, on the ATO’s data -driven strategy
  • Victorian Commissioner for Better Regulation, Anna Cronin, on linking data with better regulatory performance
  • Assistant Secretary, Data and Digital Branch at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Andrew Lalor, on maintaining public trust in how sensitive data is being used
  • SA Commissioner for Taxation, Julie Holmes, on issues at the coalface from using big data
  • Academic staff from CMU-A on the latest in applying descriptive and predictive data analytics to public sector contexts

Specific issues to be addressed include:

  • the potential of predictive analytics for regulators;
  • building trust and legitimacy in the new environment;
  • explainability as a substitute for transparency;
  • involving citizens in the opaque world of big data and predictive analytics;
  • emerging regulatory frameworks for the use of predictive analytics in the public sector.

The 2-day workshop in Adelaide also includes a unique half day session in which participants mine real data and apply algorithms to test their predictive accuracy. This will be done using provided software and big data sets. There is no prior experience required and all participants will be supported by CMU-A technical staff in this session. The aim is to give participants a first-hand understanding of what data analysts do.

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