Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

The Public Policy and Management degree is a highly innovative and comprehensive in terms of quantitative rigour, technology integration and multi-disciplinary approach. Because of its emphasis on evidence-based analysis, the PPM program equips students with quantitative skills, in statistical, financial and economic analyses so that future public policy professionals have the skills to use multiple forms of evidence in decision making. Carnegie Mellon University is the first university to have recognised technology as not only a management tool but also a policy complement. Therefore, students get an unparalleled exposure to a range of innovative tools to catalyse policy change. The integration of data science in the program builds on Carnegie Mellon University’s reputation as the #1 analytics school in the world and rounds up its multi-disciplinary curriculum.

Public Policy and Management graduates will be well prepared to provide practical strategic solutions for issues of global significance in various sectors and domains including:

  • Private Investment
  • Governance
  • International Trade and Development
  • Health
  • Environment

Students will be given the opportunity to specialise in Digital Transformation and Analytics.