21 Graduates Added to CMU’s 105,000+ Global Cohort

Posted 29th August 2018

Carnegie Mellon University Australia’s Class of August 2018 received their Master of Science degrees last week, at a ceremony in Adelaide attended by friends and family from throughout the world.

Amongst the graduates were the first group to join CMU-A through agreements with the Central Bank of Mexico and the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines.

Keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony was Mr David Radzanowski, a former Chief Financial Officer of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and himself a CMU graduate. Indeed, he is the first CMU alumnus to deliver the graduation speech at CMU-A.

David is Senior Vice President of the Equator Corporation and currently overseeing strategic business for Australia's Future Submarine Program, the largest defence procurement program in Australia's history

David gave the students advice he called the 5 leadership lessons:

  1. Be uncomfortable, as that’s where growth happens;
  2. Remember failure is always an option, as long as we grow from it;
  3. Delegate to the point of negligence, and trust your people;
  4. Take care of your team, let them know they are valuable; and
  5. Take care of yourself.

Keynote speaker David Radzanowski delivers five leadership lessons following the opening ceremony.


Master of Science in Information Technology Management:


Carlos CURIEL PEÑA – Mexico

Angel GARCIA PEREZ – Mexico

Larsa Pranenza FABY – Indonesia

Mustafa Muhammad GHAZANFAR – Pakistan

Vidhi KHARE – India

Sunit Kamlesh METHA – India

Glenn Bullecer PEPITO – Philippines

Geldof Bumenlag RESUELLO – Philippines

Shem Durst Elijah SANDIG – Philippines

Tianyue SHAO – China

Wen-Chi TSENG – Taiwan

Jangkyung YUN - South Korea.

Master of Science in Information Technology in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics:

Arjun ARASU – India

Jubin KATYAL – India

Erick German RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ – Peru.

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management:

Pallave DASARI – Australia

Gayle Robin GRIEGER – Australia

Hafsa MARIAM – India

Lourdes Ana Maria ROMERO CIPRIANO – Mexico

Michelle Manag STA ROMANA – Philippines.

Following the presentation of the degrees, two students addressed the audience on behalf of the graduates.

Erick German Rodriguez Alvarez expressed his appreciation to the university and professors who not only taught classes but challenged the students to aim for excellence, saying “I will carry their lessons throughout the rest of my life”.

Dr Pallave Dasari explained how CMU-A is helping to transition her career: “A few years back, I came to a crossroads in my career when I did no longer aimed to be a researcher. I still love, and will always love, science, but it was time for a change. I looked to Carnegie Mellon University for that change.”

Since its inception in 2006, 483 students from 26 countries have completed their Master of Science degrees at Carnegie Mellon University’s Adelaide campus, while over 400 more have studied in Adelaide and gone on to graduate at the CMU Pittsburgh campus.

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