Adelaide: The Centre of the Next Big Wave of High-Tech Jobs

Posted 15th December 2021

Adelaide was recently crowned the world’s third most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in 2021, and most people think of it as a beautiful coastal city full of festivals, culture, and wine. But did you know that the cosmopolitan city is fast becoming a centre for high-tech industries?

A number of recent developments and projects have made it a promising destination for anyone looking for a new city to thrive in or study with excellent career opportunities. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening in Adelaide, the direction the city is going in, and the organizations playing a role in the transition.

Growing career opportunities

In recent times, a myriad of major companies have moved to Adelaide. This is especially significant considering the region hasn’t generally been known for technology or related sectors. But this is starting to change — although professional, scientific, and technical services only brought in $5.6 billion of the state’s total $108 billion from 2019-20, it was one of the fastest-growing industries, growing 2.2% over the period.

In part, this is due to some big names fueling the boom.


Professional services company Accenture moved to Adelaide in 2020 to establish a new tech and innovation hub, which was said to create 2,000 new local jobs in defence, cybersecurity, and aerospace.

It joins existing Accenture hubs in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney — the company hopes to facilitate communication between each centre to provide the best technological solutions to clients.

So far, Accenture estimates that 50% of its new employees are recent graduates or school leavers, suggesting the hub is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals.


A second professional services giant, Deloitte Australia, announced its plans to open a Centre for Innovation and Technology. The centre was opened in conjunction with the Department for Trade and Investment in South Australia.

Thanks to partnerships with industry, pipelines for graduates, and skill-building packages, it’s set to provide up to 500 jobs — especially in technological sectors. Cybersecurity, data science, healthcare, defence, and the public sector are all areas it’s paying attention to.

Lot Fourteen

But Accenture and Deloitte are far from the only company providing career opportunities. The innovation and entrepreneur hub Lot Fourteen established itself in Adelaide around three years ago due to a $700 million investment package from the Adelaide City Deal. It’s been causing a lot of buzz ever since.

The presence of the hub is a great opportunity not just for budding business owners but also for those who want to work for some of the world’s best tech companies. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have all recently moved to Lot Fourteen due to the resources and facilities at the site.

Michael Duhne from Google shares with students their upcoming innovations for South Australia.

Roadmap to one million tech jobs in Australia

Although the projects outlined above represent exciting opportunities that could create thousands of jobs in South Australia, the state will also benefit from nationwide developments. As far as technology and careers go, it doesn’t get much more promising than the new Technology Council of Australia’s new “Roadmap to Deliver One Million Tech Jobs.”

The city of Adelaide and the state of South Australia won’t be the only ones to benefit, but it’s a strong sign that Australia as a whole is committed to supporting the tech sector.

What the roadmap means

The roadmap consists of concrete steps for providing new jobs. These include scaling up existing early-stage tech startups, encouraging the growth of new startups, ensuring there are successful Australian tech companies to attract investment from abroad, and increasing tech investment for non-tech firms.

This all comes from a belief that the tech sector will be the key to securing future economic growth, providing employment, and promoting innovation in other sectors (particularly agriculture and mining). But further training and investment are needed given current labour shortages, which could widen in the future if action isn’t taken.

Estimations suggest that, as things are now, Australia needs around 300,000 more workers to join tech. Could these come from Adelaide and its universities?

The study opportunities to match

No matter how great the opportunities Adelaide offers might sound in theory, they’re of little use to someone who isn’t qualified to make the most of them. Fortunately, Carnegie Mellon University Australia is one of many Australian universities that can bridge the gap by providing a world-class education equipping students with the tools and skills they need to secure future jobs.

We're prepared to equip the best talent with the right skills and tools to take on these jobs of tomorrow.

"We're incredibly excited for the future prospects of our students studying at the CMU Australia campus. There’s a massive skills gap in the areas of analytics, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and policy analysis among many others in South Australia. We're prepared to equip the best talent with the right skills and tools to take on these jobs of tomorrow,” says the Head of CMU Australia, Emil Bolongaita.

Head of CMU Australia, Emil Bolongaita is optimistc on the future career prospects for students in Adelaide, South Australia.

To train students for the tech sector, the university has industry partnerships with relevant firms, which gives students the chance to visit important sites or do relevant projects as part of their courses. For instance, students have used the power of machine learning to develop a device that can assess and improve mental health.

The school already boasts various graduates working at Lot Fourteen, and current students are actively being picked up as interns by major businesses and start-ups.

For 2022 and beyond, Australia is a viable study destination, especially as Covid restrictions are lifted and it becomes possible for international students to travel.

CMU-A students taking a tour at Lot Fourteen, Adelaide's fastest growing innovation hub.

More than just a festival state

As far as destinations that are both liveable and practical go, Adelaide has strategically positioned itself to be on top of everyone’s list. Most of the developments mentioned so far have only been implemented over the last few years, but once they really start taking effect further down the line, we can expect a massive boom in the tech sector.

South Australia has never looked more attractive as the perfect place to live, work, and study — and for those who want to do exactly that, enrolling to study at a local university is a right place to start.