AI and Machine Learning – We Need to Ensure all of Society Benefits

Posted 21st September 2018

It’s well acknowledged that artificial intelligence and machine learning will open a plethora of exciting opportunities.

AI and machine learning have become one of the hottest topics in business with startups pursuing commercial opportunities and governments and industry embracing the efficiency and productivity benefits.

But not everyone will be a clear winner.

CMU-A Head, Professor Emil Bolongaita delivered ‘a note of caution’ address at the recent AI & Machine Learning Summit in Sydney.

Professor Bolongaita, agrees there are many benefits from technological advances, however he cautions champions and reminds them of the challenges all societies must face when it comes to digital disruption.

“It’s undisputed that technological advances help the public and private sectors. However, it’s not always a panacea for the whole of society, said Prof Bolongaita.

Professor Bolongaita challenged attendees to think about the widening skills and capabilities gap, access to technology and digital education.  

“We risk creating disengagement amongst members of the community who are not able to access goods and services exclusively provided on a digital platform, he said.

Professor Bolongaita’s message is that regulators and policy makers need to attend to the impacts of technological advances in AI & machine learning to society.

“Some ways to achieve this is by supporting lifelong learning programs, retraining workers and reforming the education curriculum to ensure young people graduate with the right skills to thrive in the digital economy”, said Professor Bolongaita.

The AI & Machine Learning Summit and solutions showcase brought together the entire applied AI ecosystem, including innovative enterprises, industry thought leaders, startups, independent researchers and leading solution providers.

Joining Professor Bolongaita as speakers at the Summit were Other speakers at the Summit were Dr Natalie Rens, AI Specialist of Queensland Office of Chief Entrepreneur; Darwin Schweitzer, World Intelligent Cloud – Big Data/AI Advanced Workload Lead; Siamak Tafavogh, University of Technology; Janine Marttila Head of Digital at Foxtel; Hosein Alizadeh, Data Science Team Leader for Wesfarmers; William Judge, Head of Social Robotics with the Commonwealth Bank Australia; Colin Timm, Country Director at Google Cloud, Australia and New Zealand; Si Chen, Senior Manager, Strategy & Partnerships for Tencent AI Lab & Robotics X; and Sean Alexander, Principal Director of Engineering with Microsoft AI.