Carnegie Mellon’s campus in Australia well positioned for growth and expansion

Posted 13th September 2017

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia (CMU-A) has seen a record number of students applying and enrolling in the Fall 2017 intake.

The Adelaide campus, first established in 2006, has grown from 47 to more than 200 enrolled students. The university prides itself in its rich diversity of students, faculty and staff. The Fall 2017 intake saw students coming from over 11 different countries.

The campus halls during orientation week.

Professor Emil Bolongaita, Head of Carnegie Mellon University in Australia, attributed the growth in popularity of the Adelaide campus to the university’s strong reputation in information technology, information systems and policy analysis.

“The offerings that we have on digital transformation and digital analytics together with our longstanding programs on information systems and IT have really appealed, I think, to many students. It helps that we have managed to maintain our reputational rankings, because students these days are very rank conscious.”

Ranked amongst the top 50 universities in the world, CMU-A offers programs in Information Technology Management and Public Policy Management.

CMU-A featured in The Advertiser Business Daily, September 9, 2017.