CMU-A’s Masterclass Series concludes in style

Posted 30th March 2021

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia’s first-ever Masterclass Series has been declared a success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback and strong interest in follow-up learning opportunities.

The Masterclass Series comprised five, live, online webinars delivered at no-cost. Each Masterclass included a one-hour lecture and 30-minute Q&A session with CMU-A's global experts.

It started in late February, with Dr Zig Zbigniew sharing his expertise in AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The series concluded on Friday when CMU-A Head Emil Bolongaita conducted the final session of his Masterclass, called Public Entrepreneurship and Grand Corruption the Digital Age. Other topics covered included digital transformation and the use of big data by governments and policy analytics.

Prof. Bolongaita thanked those who attended and was pleased to engage with those who were curious to learn more about CMU-A's regular and short-course programs.

“We had high hopes for our Masterclass Series, but have been blown away by the demand, with almost 3000 registrations received, and the calibre of those attending,” Prof. Bolongaita said.

“It’s reinforced how valuable the topics our master's degrees cover, which include topics like big data and policy analytics, and why it’s so important to continue up-skilling.

“Even within the relatively short timeframe of each Masterclass, our participants were able to receive insights which can help them succeed.”

CMU-A's Masterclass presenters, from left, Zig Zdziarski, Tim O'Loughlin, Emil Bolongaita, Riaz Esmailzadeh and Murli Viswanathan.

Surveys conducted after each Masterclass reveal:

  • An average speaker rating of at 4.8 (out of 5) for each presenter
  • An overall satisfaction rating of 4.8 (out of 5) for each class
  • More than 90 per cent of respondents said they would recommend the Masterclass Series to a friend.

Asked what they would be interested in studying next in this short-course format, participants listed cyber security, data ethics and public and private partnerships as areas they were interested in learning more about.

Participants logged in from around the globe. Attendee rates from the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and the US were among the highest.

Prof. Bolongaita said CMU-A's focus during 2021 will be to ensuring that its regular and short-course programs run effectively in parallel. He is particularly excited with new short-courses being developed with support from the Australian government through its Australian Awards programs.

“We are creating bespoke courses tackling topics including data analytics and digital transformation, strategic foresight, policy development, and cybersecurity,” Prof Bolongaita said.

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