Carnegie Mellon University welcomes students back to campus from their long summer break

Posted 18th January 2019

On Monday 130 students recommenced their Masters studies in Information Management, Information Technology and Public Policy and Management.

In particular, we welcome two new part-time students to campus.

Ning Ma has embarked on a Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management degree. Ning is a senior research officer in Adelaide with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons with undergraduate degrees in Mathematical and Computer Science and Health Science. He is studying at CMU-A so as to develop skills and knowledge to help him influence and shape public policy with regards to managing resource allocation in the medical field.

“With the improvement of standard of healthcare people are living longer and healthier. This imposes an ever-increasing upward pressure on health budgets,” said Ning.

“My aim is to understand, from a decision maker perspective, how public policies can be designed and managed to make the health system more efficient.”

Ning Ma in Adelaide, Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management

Shan Gao has commenced his Masters of Science in Information Technology degree. Shan, who graduated from University of South Australia with a degree in electrical engineering, works in the mining industry in South Australia. Shan works as an electrical engineer and is motivated to study to build on his technical skills.

“Technology is the future in the mining a and petroleum sectors, said Shan. During my studies I want to concentrate on internet of things, machine learning and predictive analytics – tools that shape the future of industrial automation, helping companies make better business and investment decisions.”

Shan Gao in Adelaide, Masters of Science in Information Technology