Class of 2019 graduate with a send-off by US Ambassador to Australia

Posted 29th May 2019

Twenty-four Carnegie Mellon University students celebrated their graduation on 18th May 2019 attended by friends and family members, faculty and staff, internship hosts and members of the South Australian higher education sector.

Ten students graduated with a Master of Science in Information Technology with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics degree, four with a Master of Science in Information Technology degree and a further ten with a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management degree.

Special guest at the ceremony was His Excellency, Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr., US Ambassador to Australia who delivered the commencement address. See other CMU-A website story for details.

The May 2019 graduates with US Ambassador Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr. at Torrens Building.

CMU-A Head, and Distinguished Service Professor, Emil Bolongaita presented the 20 students attending the ceremony with their certificates and a gift from the University. Professor Bolongaita congratulated the graduates and challenged them to help meet some of the ‘hungers’ of the world – hungers of the body, hungers of the mind and hungers of the soul or human consciousness and conscience.

“I believe your time here at CMU-A has fulfilled some of your hungers and that you are more acutely aware of your place, power and purpose in the world”, said Emil.

“And so as you make your way into the world, this is my prayer and charge to each of you, that through your life’s work you will seek to tackle the world’s hungers of body, mind and soul, and in so doing make it a more safe, supportive and sustainable world for all of us and for the generations to come”, he said.

Following the presentation of the degrees, three students addressed the audience on behalf of the graduates.

Edhen Manzanares (MSPPM) from the Philippines opened her speech by thanking the Australia Awards (scholarship) for giving her the life-changing opportunity to achieve her dream to study at Carnegie Mellon University.

She emphasized that while CMU-A is small, the benefits are “that you know everyone, that you will forge wonderful friendships from a shared sacrifice, a willingness to support one another, and genuine care and concern.”

Edhen Manzanares delivers her speech at the May 2019 graduation ceremony.

Fan Feng (MSIT) from China [insert the link to speech] congratulated her classmates on reaching an important milestone in their lives. She talked of the challenges of studying away from home full of intensity and pressure and the journey that has led to exponential personal growth and inner strength.

CMU-A had taught her that she was capable of overcoming complexities and managing heavy workloads. Fan told the audience “I’m glad I returned to school as the academic experience has refreshed and expanded my knowledge base and motivated me.”

Fan Feng shares her study journey and overcoming challenges as an international student.

Ignacio Bosch from Argentina reminded the graduates that they are part of a global minority who have had the privilege of a University education.

“Yes, my fellow classmates, we have all been granted with the power of education, limited to some fortunate people. So, having the privilege of being at this incredible present moment we need to know it all comes with a great responsibility”, he said.

Ignacio Bosch reminds everyone of the privilege of being granted the power of education.

The graduating class of May 2019 included:

Master of Science in Information Technology with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Ms. Fan Feng from China, Ms. Rama Kanetkar from India, Ms. Wanghui Li from China, Ms. Ziqi Liu from China, Ms. Zelin Liu from China, Mr. Tianyue Ma from China, Mr. Luis Ricardo Nava Perez from Mexico, Mr Kaurik Saxena from India, Ms. Dongling Xie from China and Mr Wenjun Zhang from China.

Master of Science in Information Technology

Mr. Anshu Anand from India, Mr. Xiang Tan from China, Mr. Gang Zeng from China and Mr. Jiyuan Zhou from China.

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Ms. Katie Suzanne Bourke from Australia, Mr. Ignacio Maximo Bosch from Argentina, Mr. Alexander Chen from Australia, Ms. Norelyn Endrina Dacillo from the Philippines, Mr. Javier Echegaray from Argentina, Mr. Jessmond Aranda Elvina from the Philippines, Ms. Mamta Jaiswal from India, Ms. Edhen Manzanares from the Philippines, Mr. Sudipta Mitra from India and Mr. Rianto Laskar from Indonesia.

Since its inception in 2006, over 500 students from 26 countries have completed their Master of Science degrees at Carnegie Mellon University’s Adelaide campus, while another 450 more have studied in Adelaide and gone on to graduate at the CMU Pittsburgh campus.

Carnegie Mellon University has over 110,00 alumni working in 40 countries around the world.

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