CMU-A Welcomes Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Applied Public Policy Dr Allison Macfarlane

Posted 1st February 2018

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia is pleased to welcome Dr Allison M Macfarlane to Adelaide as the joint Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Applied Public Policy.

From July 2012 to December 2014, Dr Macfarlane served as President Obama’s Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, holding ultimate responsibility for the safety of all US commercial nuclear reactors and the regulation of medical radiation and nuclear waste, and representing the US in negotiations with international nuclear regulators. She is now Professor of Science and Technology Policy at George Washington University, and Director of the Center for International Science and Technology Policy at the University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

Dr. Macfarlane’s research has focused on nuclear proliferation, nuclear safety, the siting of nuclear waste facilities, and public opinion about nuclear technology. As Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, she pushed for a more open dialogue with the public, for greater engagement with international nuclear regulators and, following the Fukushima accident, for stricter safety protocols at U.S. nuclear reactors. She has spoken on a wide range of topics, from women and science to nuclear policy and regulatory politics.

While at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr Macfarlane will present a public lecture as part of our Distinguished Speaker series, and will take part in the academic and public life of the university.