CMU assists Asian Development Bank to Drive Tech for Dev Agenda

Posted 6th September 2019

CMU Dean Prof Ramayya Krishnan has joined the Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s newly formed High-Level Advisory Group for Digital Technology. Convened by ADB President Takehiko Nakao on 2 September 2019, the group will advise ADB’s President and senior management on digital technologies and their potential applications to enhance ADB’s development programs and projects.

CMU-A Head, Professor Emil Bolongaita, was also invited by ADB to join Prof Krishnan at the advisory group meeting and to participate in ADB’s Digital Development Forum held on 3-4 September.

Prof Bolongaita said “it is exciting to see ADB pursuing a technology for development agenda because this is precisely where CMU can add value due to its leadership in the fields of AI, analytics, engineering, and public policy”.

Dean Ramayya Krishnan and Prof Emil Bolongaita with ADB President Takehiko Nakao, ADB senior management, and the members of the ADB High-Level Advisory Group for Digital Technology during the group’s inaugural meeting on 2 September.

Prof Krishnan was a featured speaker at the Forum where he spoke on digital transformation approaches in relation to ADB’s Strategy 2030. He also spoke in the panel on livable and smart cities.

Prof Krishnan speaking in the panel on livable cities in ADB’s Digital Development Forum on 3 September.

Prof Krishnan said “it is important for key actors in ADB and its member countries to be reskilled and upskilled on technology for development areas, so they can co-create appropriate and scalable interventions”.

Dean Krishnan and Prof Bolongaita held talks at the sidelines of the forum with senior ADB officials for in-depth discussions on CMU and CMU-A’s capabilities in the training of ADB staff and their counterparts in developing countries to implement a Tech for Dev agenda.

Prof Emil Bolongaita in discussion with Philippine Minister of Finance Carlos Dominguez and members of ADB’s Board of Directors.

In addition to Dean Krishnan, the advisory group members include Mr. Katsumi Emura (Corporation Fellow, NEC), Mr. Paul Kim (Assistant Dean and Chief Technology Officer, Stanford Graduate School of Education), Ambassador Ted Osius (Vice President of Public Policy for Asia and the Pacific, Google), Mr. Vincent Quah (Asia Pacific Lead for Education, Amazon Web Services), Ms. Piruze Sabuncu (Head of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Stripe Co.), Mr. Lito Tayag (Country Managing Director, Accenture Philippines), and Ms. Janine Teo (Chief Executive Officer, Solve Education!).

Prof Krishnan with ADB President Takehiko Nakao and the Dean of ADB’s Board of Directors Kshatrapati Shivaji.