CMU Australia Celebrates The Big 50

Posted 15th December 2017

Fifty years ago, two of the most prestigious technical institutions in America, Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Mellon Institute, merged to form what is now known as Carnegie Mellon University.

As part of the Golden Year jubilee celebrations, the CMU Australia community came together to celebrate the founding of this great institution. The theme of the commemoration was ‘For the Founders’.

To kick start the program, dozens of eager Tartans herded together to the Torrens Courtyard for a group photo. Interestingly, many were distracted from the immense heat by a drone that captured the “5” and “0” formation in a single picture.

The students then broke out of their arranged positions and made their way to the seminar room where faculty, staff and students were welcomed by Professor Emil Bolongaita, the Head of CMU Australia. He shared with them the accomplishments of Carnegie Mellon University throughout the years. The Tartans were excited and honored to be a part of the Golden Batch of Carnegie Mellon University.

After the showing of the anniversary videos prepared by the Pittsburgh campus and CMU Australia. the Student Representatives Committee and the inaugural CMU-A Student Ambassadors were introduced to students and staff. The newly elected President of the Australia and New Zealand Alumni Association also gave a short speech about their objectives for the year with the CMU-A community.

This celebration was an ode to the founders of the university and to the founders in all of us!

*news article co-authored by Hafsa Mariam