CMU-A public policy lectures in Indonesia

Posted 16th August 2016

Emil Bolongaita, Executive Director and Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy at CMU-A, recently delivered lectures on governance and anti-corruption in Jakarta, Indonesia.

At the invitation of the University of Indonesia and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), CMU-A Executive Director and Distinguished Service Professor Emil Bolongaita recently delivered lectures on governance and anti-corruption in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Organised by KPK’s Directorate of Gratification, Prof Bolongaita delivered a lecture on “Fighting Private Sector Corruption: Challenges for KPK” on 16 August 2016. Attended by over a hundred KPK officers, Prof Bolongaita’s lecture focused on the difficulties and opportunities in fighting private sector corruption in a time of rapid financial globalisation. He said that KPK needs a new breed of anti-corruption investigators and prosecutors to confront the challenges posed by the use of information and communications technologies to hide financial crimes. He said these new officers need to be trained in policy and regulatory analysis as well as financial and economic analysis, in addition to core investigative and prosecutorial skills. Following Prof Bolongaita’s lecture, KPK and CMU-A are exploring areas for partnerships and collaboration.

Prof. Bolongaita lectures at the headquarters of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on 16 August 2016.


Prof. Bolongaita with KPK Director Giri Suprapdiono and other KPK officers who attended the lecture.

At the University of Indonesia, Professor Telisa Falianty, Program Director of the Faculty of Economics, organised Prof Bolongaita’s lecture on “The Panama Papers and Grand Corruption: Implications for Indonesia”. Attended by over a hundred faculty, staff and students, as well as officials from different government agencies, the lecture focused on the use of tax havens by corrupt entities and other criminal elements to shield their illegally gained assets. Prof Bolongaita discussed how tax havens and service providers in advanced economies help to incentivise grand corruption in less advanced countries like Indonesia. He also discussed the complexities that can compromise Indonesia’s new tax amnesty law that seek to recover undeclared assets deposited in tax havens.

Following his lecture at University of Indonesia, Prof Bolongaita met with Prof Felianty and other faculty to discuss institutional collaboration between UI and CMU-A, such as program linkages, faculty exchange, research, and training.

Prof. Bolongaita with Prof Telisa Felianty and other faculty and staff of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Indonesia following his lecture on 11 August 2016.


Prof. Bolongaita with Prof Khoirunurrofik, Head of Research, Public Finance and Public Policy Studies of the Institute for Economic and Social Research of the University of Indonesia. Prof Khoirunurrofik is a graduate of CMU-A’s Public Policy and Management program.