CMU-A Alumni Association elects new officers

Posted 19th July 2017

Last Thursday evening, forty Carnegie Mellon University alumni braved the cold, wet weather to return to the university campus for the Australia and New Zealand Alumni Association’s annual general meeting. A further seven alumni joined the meeting by webcast.

The main business for the meeting was to elect a new committee. After three years serving the Alumni, Aaron Osterby (MSIT), Tim Muecke (MSIT) and Brad Gay (MSPPM) had announced that they would not re-stand for committee and so the call was put out to the Alumni to come together to form a new committee.

Head of CMU, Professor Emil Bolongaita told the meeting he was delighted see such a good turnout. He said it is important for CMU to have an active and engaged alumni and that CMU faculty and staff are committed to ensuring this. On a personal note, he said it was very rewarding as a member of faculty to meet up with past students, to hear of their achievements and to know that you’ve had a bit to do with their success. It’s why we teach, he said!

After a report by outgoing President, Aaron Osterby, all positions on the ANZ Alumni Association were declared vacant by Vice President Tim Muecke. In total 12 people nominated for committee - eleven at the meeting plus Mik Schulte, who is in Washington.

The meeting agreed to accept all nominations unanimously!! The group then adjourned to agree to the office bearer positions. They are:

Anna Guthleben, President

Matthew Craig, Vice President

Sonali Tharwani, Secretary

Mohammed Adnan, Committee-Events Chair

Zicky Aggarwal, Committee-ANZ Engagement Officer

Mik Schulte, Committee-ANZ Engagement Officer

Daniel Del Duca, Committee

Pedro Ezcurra, Committee

Jai Girdhar, Committee-Young Alumni

Juan Pablo Gonzalez, Committee

Teck Jan Low, Committee-Treasurer

In closing the meeting, incoming President Anna Guthleben thanked Aaron, Tim and Brad for all their hard work and promised an exciting program of events and activities for the year ahead. “We are already planning our first event in August, she joked. “We will also be giving priority to reviewing the CMU Alumni Database to ensure we can communicate and reach out to all our alumni who have graduated from the Australian campus.”