A Survival Guide To The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Posted 9th October 2017

Artificial Intelligence may be predicted to ‘take over the world’ but according to Microsoft’s SA State Director and National Skills Program Lead, Eva Balan-Vnuk, the explicitly human skills of empathy, persuasion and the ability to teach others will ensure there are jobs for all, even with the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

An advocate for technology, and all its benefits, Dr Balan-Vnuk, told Carnegie Mellon University students at last week’s Convocation, that disruption is here to stay.

Dr Balan-Vnuk’s inspirational presentation focused on the jobs of the future. She told students not to think of graduation as the end of their learning experience. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will see the creation of many new and exciting employment opportunities. This means, we need to see our careers as periods of working interwoven with periods of study.

Companies like Microsoft need to constantly look for new and innovative ways to do business. The manager of the future must be a disrupter. He or she needs to value and appreciate failure, adopt a growth mindset, and see their role as supporting the success of their colleagues. This combination, she says, fosters a positive and productive workplace.

CMU-A hosts key speakers as part of its Convocation lecture series for students. The next Convocation speaker will be Mr Tom Hadju, who has recently been appointed as South Australia’s Chief innovator. Mr Hadju will address students at 12:30 pm on Thursday 9th November 2017.