Decision to study in Australia secures full-time job offer before graduating

Posted 1st April 2019

After only one semester James Tan decided make Australia his home and ‘switch’ to the Australian-based Master of Science in Information Technology degree.

James, a graduate from Jilin University in China, originally enrolled in Carnegie Mellon University’s global degree where student’s study in Australia but complete and graduate in the United States.

“While I originally thought I’d like to graduate in the US, I was very impressed by the University’s Australian campus in Adelaide, said James.

“Adelaide is an exciting place for innovation with many companies and organizations willing to embrace and use technology to build better products, systems and services.

“Plus there’s a really strong startup culture in Adelaide doing exciting and leading-edge work in data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Once I arrived in Australia, I could see that the technology industry was really booming.

“I feel the technology industry in the USA is mature and so while there are opportunities for graduates, they are harder to secure.

“It was an easy decision for me to decide to study in Australia as I was still able to study under renowned faculty in the US and Australia and complete a US-recognised degree."

“Adelaide in a beautiful, safe and peaceful city and I really enjoy living in walking distance to the University campus”, said James.

James holds an undergraduate degree in public policy and has a strong personal interest in information technology. While at CMU he specialized in Information Technology.

“My passion is being able to use data to predict outcomes and drive decision-making. I chose CMU because it’s the #1 university in the world for analytics education,” said James.

“Being #1 means that you have high standards to live up to.

“Studying at CMU can be tough at times. We were pushed every day to finish projects and to learn fast. Such pressure means you become very smart, you become self-paced, self-learned programmers who can multi-task.

The course is very practical and is renowned for helping students develop their technical and management skills and knowledge across the broad technology industry.

“We learned how to program, about databases, data analytics, cloud computing, AI and machine learning.

All CMU Masters students must undertake a three-month internship in their last semester. This enables them to apply the skills and techniques learned in the classroom to real-world problems for businesses and organization.

James undertook his 3-month internship with Adelaide-based start-up TCPinpoint where he has developed a Web-based administrative dashboard tool for use by TCPinpoint employees.

The administrative dashboard provides the TCPinpoint team with real time day-to-day operational information so they can monitor every aspect of the company with a view to managing resources and identifying potential issues.

James will graduate from CMU in May 2019 and having spent 16 consecutive calendar months studying in Australia, is entitled to apply for a 2-year post study Visa so he can work in Australia.

TCPinpoint has offered James a full-time position as a software engineer once he completes his internship.

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