Four Periscopes - 20 experts from all parts of the globe discuss our future post COVID-19

Posted 17th April 2020

This is a time of unprecedented upheaval globally. Societies and institutions will have to cope with significant socio-economic challenges well beyond the period of the COVID-19 disease. Despite the challenges, there are also opportunities for growth and positive change arising from the nexus of public policy, technology, analytics and management.

On April 13th, Carnegie Mellon University - Australia (CMU-A) launched a virtual initiative called Four Periscopes to provide insights on the emerging future. The first event included discussions on two main topics – ‘imagining a new international public policy architecture after COVID-19’ and ‘technology and data analytics as the driver for greater employment growth after COVID-19’.

CMU-A was able to harness the wealth of knowledge of its notable alumni in locations across the world and bridge diverse views in manner that created deep insights for all. The virtual event brought together 20 experts and over 80 participants from all over the globe. CMU-A professors and alumni addressed key issues and provided their views on possible solutions from technical, sectoral, regional and organisational perspectives.

"With a global pandemic challenging everyone’s lives, we had a unique opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities that will emerge from this crisis."

Emil Bolongaita, Head and Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy and Management

The event was attended by 80 participants and had two panel discussions bringing together 20 experts from North, South, East and West of the globe.

“Four Periscopes brought students, alumni and faculty together to better understand the uncertain future and develop new knowledge to develop solutions to catalyse positive change,” added Professor Danura Miriyaglla, Deputy Head of CMU-A.

The high calibre speakers’ line-up included top public policy professionals from India, China, Costa Rica, Pakistan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, US and more, as well as information technology professionals working for global companies.

The virtual event provided current students with a perfect platform to gain insights about why public policy, technology management and data analytics are some of the most sought-after skills due to the COVID 19 crisis. The event was also catalytic in supporting the greater interaction among alumni and students so as to improve networking and greater collaboration to overcome futures challenges.

"Thank you - very interesting and useful for these challenging times." - Mandy Lyons, CMU-A Alumnus
"Thank you CMU-A for establishing such a platform." - Zaidul Alam, CMU-A Alumnus