How I secured 8 Internship Offers

Posted 22nd June 2018

Humans of CMU-A: Shreya Sahay

“I was quite well settled as a consultant in Deloitte Digital in India. I enjoyed what I was doing and was regularly rated one of the top performers. But as I found myself alarmingly unable to contribute to or understand casual coffee break discussions about some trending technology, I had an epiphany. I decided to go back to school to keep my vehicle of learning rolling.

I had applied to the 16-month Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) track but I was admitted to the Global MISM track. It was then that I learned about Carnegie Mellon University’s Australia campus. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant about the whole new campus thing but now in retrospect I believe it to be one of the best risks I’ve taken so far. The range of courses offered is so vast that it lets one explore all their fields of interest and more. The global setting means the student community is diverse and the reputed professors who teach here come from different industry background.

As a part of the curriculum we are expected to do an internship before we move to the United States of America for the second year. Anxious of my lack of knowledge about the Australian and South Asian market, I started my internship search pretty early. The career services departments of both the Australia and Pittsburgh campuses helped me understand the entire process. The seniors and alumnus were equally helpful by sharing their experiences. Some of the alums went the extra mile and recommended me in their organizations. Soon the offers started to pour in and it came to a point where it was getting tough to choose one, the right one.”

Shreya Sahay in front of CMU-A campus

What specifically do you think worked for you?

“I would say defining the process of searching an internship search for myself worked for me. I’m sure there is more than enough help around, but how you use it is key to the process. Also, being a quiet person, making the first move to ping a partner or founder or manager with a three-line pitch on LinkedIn was initially tough, but hundreds of messages and emails later I got pretty good at it. That’s how I managed to crack however many I did.”

What would you say to the aspiring and incoming CMU students?

The course and the internship experience come with great global exposure. Over the last year my CV has work experiences from Pernix -Australia, United Nations -India and EY -Singapore. Many students here have multiple offers from very interesting places all over the world. You have all the support and assistance you need. Remember the following three things: -

  1. Take initiative by finding the right people and approaching them.
  2. Be prepared to ace the interview.
  3. Define and refine the process. 

Shreya Sahay inside the CMU-A campus