Internship helps Yulin secure a job weeks after graduating

Posted 4th April 2019

All students studying at CMU must also complete a 3-month internship which allows them to apply their classroom learnings in the real world.

Yulin Zhou, a computer science graduate from the Beijing Institute of Technology, completed a Master of Science in Information Technology - Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) degree at CMU’s Australia campus based in Adelaide graduating in May 2018.

Yulin undertook her internship with Adelaide-based energy resource management firm Core Energy. Core Energy specializes in providing market analysis by world-class databases and systems to support investment and business decisions for their clients.

“My internship placement was a great opportunity, I got to work in an exciting area where technology is being used to change the way companies manage resources that need large-scale infrastructure to transport resources like gas and electricity.

“Data management and analysis becomes critical when every small change made translates into big dollars. I was excited to work on real-world problems and challenges.

“As I didn’t have any work experience before doing my Masters degree, my internship gave me the perfect opportunity to apply the theory I’d learned in the CMU classroom.

“I’m sure this gave me an edge when applying for jobs after I graduated.”

Yulin Zhou at Velrada's office in South Australia

Just two weeks after graduating, Yulin secured a full-time position as a graduate consultant with Velrada Advisory, a mid-sized technology consulting company with offices in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.

At Velrada Yulin works with a variety of clients, helping them manage and run their digital platforms and data management. She works in areas such as data transformation, integration, visualization and analysis designed to deliver business efficiency and maximise limited resources.

As well as supporting existing services, Yulin hopes in the future to be able to help clients look for opportunities where innovation can change their businesses by adopting advanced technological systems.

Yulin understands that technology alone does not transform a business – rather it’s the combination of in-depth understanding of the capability of the technology balanced against a client’s business requirements and processes.

“I’m excited about working in consulting as my passion is to help companies to ‘have the courage’ to adopt new technologies to achieve their goals and targets”, said Yulin.

“Technology has so much to offer with business intelligence, Internet-of-Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence”, said Yulin.

“The market is slowly coming to terms with what technology can offer and we’re seeing more companies working on creating sophisticated data infrastructure so they can take advantage of technology in their day-to-day operations.

“I’m confident CMU graduates will be at the forefront of technological change as the exploration-driven teaching approach at CMU means we have the mindset that when opportunities come, we grab them!

“I am very grateful that I have been educated at Carnegie Mellon University where I was taught to think critically, to manage my time to the greatest granularity and encouraged to aim high to fulfil my dreams by always seeking self-improvement,” said Yulin.

Yulin Zhou with Velrada's management team in Adelaide

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