Latest Update on International Travel to Australia

Posted 24th November 2021

Announcement from the Head of CMU Australia:

Yesterday, the Australian Prime Minister announced that starting December 1, fully vaccinated international students can freely enter Australia. For those arriving via Sydney (New South Wales), Melbourne (VIC), or Canberra (ACT), there will be no more quarantine requirement. For those arriving in Adelaide, starting today, there will only be a 7-day quarantine period. When, as previously announced, South Australia (SA) is estimated to reach 90% full vaccination rate later next month, the quarantine requirement will be phased out.

We look forward to welcoming most of you to Adelaide soon. Based on the recent student survey we conducted, out of 108 responses among 133 students, 71 among you said that they plan to travel to Adelaide at the earliest opportunity to study in-person, while 37 said they prefer to continue studying online. For those who indicated travel to Australia, you will be contacted separately to assist your travel plans and transition to Adelaide.

Best wishes,

Emil Bolongaita


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