Mastering the Work-Life Balance: Q&A with Yuchen Wu

Posted 10th May 2022

Yuchen Wu has a background in business and finance, with a bachelor's degree in Logistics and two years of industry experience working with KPMG Shanghai as an auditor. She chose CMU's Master of Information Systems Management program to boost her knowledge of technology and broaden her future career options.

We sat down with Yuchen for a quick chat about her experience at CMU-A, mastering the work-life balance, and why she considers Adelaide a paradise.

Adelaide was named 3rd most liveable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2019.

Tell us your background and what you're studying at CMU Australia?

My background is basically all about business and finance. I took my bachelor's degree at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, majoring in Logistics and the track is supply chain management. After that, I joined KPMG Shanghai as an auditor and got involved in many famous projects like GE, Accenture, Adidas, Mailman, Baosteel Group and so on, which offered me lots of industry experience and pushed me to think about my future in a very different channel.

I'm now a MISM Global student in Adelaide. And this is the wisest choice I’ve ever made.

Why did you choose CMU-A?

CMU-A is the perfect program for me as firstly, I can embrace different cultures and make friends with different backgrounds, and on the other hand, the 21-month program brings me an amazing experience with abundant resources and time to learn tech knowledge and start a new life.

How are your classes so far?

Workload is really heavy for me to be honest and sometimes I have to work quite late to finish all my assignments, but I did benefit a lot from every minute I spent on my program. And the sense of achievement after finishing every assignment, especially programming projects, is priceless, unique and irreplaceable.

Any highlights you want to share?

On the day of the Spring Festival, I organized a dinner with my classmates. We made some Chinese dishes in our apartment and shared them together. We even had hot pot together. At that moment, I felt that I was not alone and realized that even overseas, we could still be as warm as at home.

In addition, our Ghanaian classmate Michael gave me a taste of their special dishes, which was a really interesting experience.

What was your first impression of Adelaide when you finally arrived?

People are friendly and always willing to help, and the place is really perfect for studying as it is not crowded and it is cozy all the time. Even though the trip went through ups and downs due to Covid, the atmosphere here eased my tension.

Yuchen Wu stands at the iconic Victoria Square, in the heart of the city located at the front the university campus.

What do you think of the Carnegie Mellon campus in Adelaide?

Located at the centre of the city, the campus has the easiest access in the urban area. Because it is a shared building with the SA government offices on the other side, I am extremely satisfied with all the amenities including all those tidy classrooms, project rooms, corridors, etc. I have spent most of my spare time sitting in the comfy dining room and enjoying the beautiful view of the calm garden.

What are some of your favourite things to do in Adelaide?

We played table tennis three times a week and made many friends through this activity. They may come from India, Egypt, study or work in different places, but we often communicated and played sports together. Going to the supermarket is also something I enjoy. Going to the supermarket with my classmates and discussing what delicious food to cook in the evening is really relaxing.

Do you have any recommendations of the best places to go have fun or eat?

The location of the school is right in the centre of the city and there are lots of shopping places nearby, which is very convenient. Rundle Mall for shopping and Chinatown for eating. On weekends you can go to the zoo (though I haven't been there yet) and the seaside. The ongoing Fringe event is also worth a visit, which I think is very distinctive.

What do you think of the local community in Adelaide?

Adelaide has always been a friendly and warm community with the top security rating in Australia, and that was how I felt as well.

I could see people greeting me on the way to the campus and the smiling faces in the Central Market really made me forget to leave. The local community further firms my determination to go back to Adelaide someday.

Would you consider living in Adelaide if you had the chance?

I have been to many places, but apart from China, I have only lived in Adelaide. I saw the diversity of the world in Adelaide, and through Adelaide, I can look forward to my future. At present, I am more eager to have more opportunities to travel to other places. I want to experience more different cultures. After that, I am willing to come back and live in Adelaide, because it is like a paradise. The relaxed atmosphere and comfortable pace here allow me to have time to enjoy, which is the true meaning of life.

Do you have any advice for other students who are considering Adelaide for their studies?

Adelaide is really a great place to study.

First of all, I suggest you learn how to balance life and learning. This is a very good chance to experience local Adelaide life and learn to enjoy independent life daily, but the future is also very important.

Second, learn to stick to your plan. Most of the time, because of too much freedom, I will disrupt my original plan because of an invitation from a friend. However, compared with the past, a big difference in postgraduate life is that everyone's direction will be more different in the future. You have to think clearly about what you want to do in the future and then seriously implement your plan.