Meet Himanshu Parashar our first #HumansOfCMUA story

Posted 3rd April 2018

Name: Himanshu Parashar

Program: MSIT – ITM

Country: India

Work: PwC, Australia

“I literally crash-landed into the MSIT course at Carnegie Mellon University Australia as I had missed the first two weeks of the University. I wasn’t yet over the jet lag and the workload was already taking away most of the sleep I could possibly get. It stretches your endurance to fight through the rigorous yet impressive curriculum.

The immense support you get from the faculty and staff helps you to be stable. I remember Prof. Janusz giving me a banana or an apple to keep me energized as he found me studying all day in the University. He would come by every other evening and say “Let’s get a coffee”. It was one of the most refreshing parts of the day. Not to forget the surprise candies we got in Prof. T.K. Lim’s finance class. The amount of knowledge you accumulate through whatever time you spend here is just enough to either take you to a higher level in your career or to another career altogether successfully.

A few months into a well-paying and comfortable job with the South Australia State Government in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, I was approached by PwC recruiters for the position of Junior Risk Management Consultant. After an intensive interview, I was offered a better role of Senior Management Consultant. Three things that made this rare feat possible was my being genuine by not trying to “sell” myself, Experience in IT and the Carnegie Mellon University Australia curriculum prepares you for such opportunities by offering courses like Strategic Planning and Financial Analysis along with core technology courses.“

“What do you feel about Adelaide as a city? “

“Adelaide is a very close knit community. People are so welcoming and helping to make it easy to develop a connection with the place. It’s such a well planned city that It takes at most a convenient 30 minutes to go from one end of the city to another. The work-life balance is just as perfect as it could be.”

“If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?”

“The advice I would like to give is never lose sight of things you want to achieve, believe in yourself and manage your time properly. One word that justifies my experience at CMU A is adventurous. Now in retrospect it seems like everything was just meant to be but when I was studying I had my fair share of struggles and uncertainty about my future. But the right temperament, time management and “My heart is in the Work” principle of CMU will prepare you to overcome any hurdle in life.“

Story by CMU-A Student Ambassadors Arihant Jain and Sivakorn (photos).