Networking Rockstar: Jaymin Patel

Posted 31st January 2018

By his own admission, Jaymin Patel is an author/speaker and coach who inspires students across the world about college and career. But what made a dual degree MSPPM-MBA graduate from Carnegie Mellon and Tepper Business School quit his lucrative management consulting job to become a full-time author/speaker?

The answer was unraveled in the “Networking like a Rockstar’ convocation event at Carnegie Mellon (CMU-A), in which Jaymin credits his current career as a speaker to a plane encounter with a random stranger. He insists that the ‘rockstar networking’ guide is summarized in merely four words - yes, no, maybe and ‘rockstar’. Explaining further that potential recruiters and individuals place college graduates in these four categories when they are approached for jobs. The seminar, delivered in the most fun and engaging manner (not to add Jaymin’s effervescent personality), focused on getting students from the yes/maybe stage to the ‘rockstar’ stage.

Jaymin Patel (right) with CMU-A Head Emil Bolongaita (left)

According to Jaymin, in his previous role as a management consultant, his encounters with college graduates led him to realise that most students, even with the best of grades and intelligence, lacked good networking skills. This compelled him to put together a manifesto for his peers on networking skills and that eventually led him to publish his first book ‘The MBA Guide to networking like a Rockstar’. In his book, Jaymin defines networking as “a process of building personal relationships with influential individuals to positively impact career development”. The convocation, in other words, was no less than an ‘idiot’s guide to networking’.

As per Jaymin’s framework, the science of networking boils down to just three things- the 3-word introduction, articulating your story (who you are, what you have done, where you’re going and why you deserve it) and most importantly, being authentic. Personal examples, humour and audience engagement ensured that students left the event with a smile and not to mention rockstar networking skills!

Article written by CMU-A Student Ambassador Hafsa Mariam.