New South Australian Premier Makes Official Visit to CMU-A

Posted 12th April 2018

On Friday, 6th April 2018, less than three weeks after being elected Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall visited CMU-A to tour the campus and meet with the senior management team.

The premier’s visit coincided with the visit of Provost Emeritus Prof Mark Kamlet and Dean of Heinz College, Prof Ramayya Krishnan’s from CMU Pittsburgh.

Premier Marshall was joined by the SA Treasurer, the Hon Rob Lucas, and Minister for Education, the Hon John Gardner.

The visit to CMU-A is believed to be the Premier Marshall’s first visit to an Adelaide university campus since the Liberal Party was elected to govern South Australia on 17th March 2018.

Emeritus Provost Prof Mark Kamlet greets Premier Steven Marshall.

Premier Steven Marshall, with Dean Ramayya Krishnan to his left, engaging with students (L-R) Alexander Chen (MSPPM), Edhen Mananzares (MSPPM), Marisa Nowicki (MSPPM), and Chelsea Hermond (MISM)

“It was an absolute honor to host Premier Marshall’s visit”, said Professor Emil Bolongaita, Head of Carnegie Mellon University in Australia. He said that “Premier Marshall is a strong supporter of Carnegie Mellon in Australia and he sees as vital to strengthening higher education and accelerating South Australia’s transformation into a world-class knowledge-intensive economy.”

Professor Bolongaita added that while the university is small in terms of student numbers, it is valued by the SA government as a world leader in research and training in information technology and public policy.

In his remarks, Premier Marshall emphasized the important role CMU-A plays in strengthening the higher education sector in SA. He noted the reputation and calibre of CMU students and alumni, as well as faculty and staff.

For their part, former Provost Kamlet and Dean Krishnan conveyed their best wishes to Premier Marshall and expressed the university’s willingness to partner with the state government in initiatives that would make the state a stronger magnet for investments, talent, and jobs.

Premier Steven Marshall, CMU-A Head Emil Bolongaita, and Education Minister John Gardner.

Meeting between visiting SA officials and CMU-A officers; L-R: CMU-A Head Emil Bolongaita, Emeritus Provost Mark Kamlet, Dean Ramayya Krishnan, Treasurer’s Chief of Staff Gino DeGennaro, Premier’s Policy Advisor Courtney Morcombe, Education Minister John Gardner, Premier Steven Marshall, Treasurer Rob Lucas.