Philippines' Minister of Budget and Management Makes Official Visit to CMU-A

Posted 25th May 2018

Dr Benjamin Diokno, Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, visited CMU-A on 22-23 May 2018. The highest-ranking official of the Philippine government to have visited CMU, Dr Diokno spoke to students about his experience serving three different presidents as budget minister. He discussed policy reforms he has championed such as the Government Procurement Reform Act and the Tax Reform Law, reforms which are now bearing fruit in terms of reducing the Philippines foreign debt, increasing domestic revenues, and making the Philippines one of the fast growing economies in Asia in the past two years.

Dr Diokno discusses policy reforms with CMU-A students

Dr Diokno also spoke at two other community events. The first was a CMU-A forum co-organised with the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) on “Building Australia’s Relationship with the Philippines”

Dr Diokno and Prof Emil Bolongaita, Head of CMU-A, at CMU-A/CEDA forum

The second was a Boardroom Briefing co-organised by CMU-A with the ADC Forum. In both events, Dr Diokno spoke about the economic factors behind the Philippines’ strong economic performance, averaging 6 to 7 percent in recent years. He discussed the significant investments that the government will be devoting to infrastructure and human capital development in the next five years.

Prof Emil Bolongaita and Dr Diokno at CMU-A/ADC Forum Boardroom Briefing

Dr Diokno also met with the Treasurer of South Australia, the Hon Rob Lucas MLC, and the SA Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Hon David Ridgway MP.

(left to right) Prof Emil Bolongaita, Dr Diokno, Hon Rob Lucas MLC

(left to right) Hon David Ridgway MP, Dr Diokno, Prof Emil Bolongaita

Professor Emil Bolongaita, head of CMU-A, said that “the visit of Secretary Diokno underscores the commitment of the Philippine government to training talented Filipinos who will study information technology and public policy and management and become transformational leaders when they return to the country; CMU-A is proud to be a partner of the Philippines.”

Dr Diokno with CMU-A alumni Emmanuel Santos (left) and Dr Manuel P S Solis

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