Rising Star Award for CMU-A Alum

Posted 18th June 2019

Associate Professor Kristin Carson-Chahhoud, who graduated with a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University in Australia in 2017, has been awarded the James McWha Rising Star Award.

A highest distinction student, Kristin undertook her degree while working as a senior research scientist in the South Australian Department of Health in Adelaide.

Gaining skills needed to be able to influence and make a real-world difference was the key reason behind Kristin’s decision to study at CMU-A.

At this moment of her success, Kristin acknowledges that the skills she gained at CMU-A have contributed significantly to her achievements.

Kristin knew that being a good scientist wasn’t enough. To make a real difference, she needed to be able to get people to listen to her.

“As a scientist I can prove I can save lives; I can reduce expenditure within hospitals; I can reduce the length of stay; I can get people out of hospital quicker; I can increase a patient’s quality of life”, she said.

“What I couldn’t do was to get people to listen to me about it.

Determined to take her work and translate it into evidence and practice, Kristin decided the CMU-A Master of Science in Public Policy and Management was the perfect degree for her.

“Thanks to my CMU-A education I now have the skills and confidence to make practical real-world policy changes."

“A highlight of my career was that I prepared and personally presented a policy agenda memo on the health implications of asthma to the Hon Malcolm Turnbull when he was the Prime Minister of Australia”.

The James McWha Rising Star Award recognises young University of Adelaide alumni who are making a significant contribution as emerging leaders within their profession and/or within their community.

James McWha, an internationally renowned and respected botanist, was vice chancellor of the University of Adelaide for 10 years to 2012 devoting his career to teaching, research and educational administration

Kristin Carson (3rd from the right) with her fellow students at Carnegie Mellon.