Sharing Knowledge and Stories of Success

Posted 27th March 2020

CMU-Australia launched a new virtual event platform, ‘Red Ladders’, to encourage alumni in different parts of the world to return to the campus virtually and share their success, knowledge and inspiration with students and each other.

‘Red Ladders’ events highlight how the master’s degrees at CMU-A have changed the careers of graduates and propelled them into new and interesting ventures. While all CMU-A alumni have their own ‘red ladder’, all share the passion to solve difficult problems and seek to make the most of the skills gained at CMU-A. Their career ladders have been truly transformational.

Red Ladders first guest speaker was Marco Salinas from Mexico, where he worked with the local government. A desire to make a difference in the world brought him to Carnegie Mellon University - Australia (CMU-A) where he completed his Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program in 2013. Today, Marco is the Co-founder and CEO at Hubble, a start-up that uses AI to design eco-friendly building.

More than their story of success, Red Ladders presenters like Marco can provide honest advice to other international students about how to adapt to new markets and workforces.

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Red Ladders: Virtual platform for CMU-A alumni to share their knowledge and success