Strong demand for CMU-A’s Masterclass Series

Posted 16th March 2021

Demand for Carnegie Mellon University in Australia’s Masterclass Series continues to soar, with two of the live, online webinars still to be held.

Carnegie Mellon University Australia Head Emil Bolongaita said demand for the Masterclass Series has been strong with more than 2000 registrations received so far, highlighting how professionals worldwide are taking a proactive approach to upskilling and continuing lifelong learning.

Each Masterclass is held live, online at no-cost and includes a one-hour lecture and 30-minute Q and A. Topics covered so far have dived into cutting-edge updates in Artificial Intelligence, digital transformation and how governments use big data.

“Advances in data science and artificial intelligence are transforming workplaces throughout the world. It is more important than ever that workers, business owners, public servants and entrepreneurs are upskilled for the future,” Prof. Bolongaita said.

“The response to our Masterclass Series has shown there is significant interest in learning how to use new technologies, and in particular how to harness the power of data and analytic tools to obtain high-value business insights for more intelligent decisions.”

CMU-A's Masterclass presenters, from left, Prof. Tim O'Loughlin, Prof. Riaz Esmailzadeh, Dr. Murli Viswanathan, Prof. Emil Bolongaita and Dr. Zig Zdziarski

Participants have logged in from around the globe, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, the US, Argentina, India and Australia. Early survey responses have been positive, with each class receiving an overall rating of 4.8 or above. Feedback from participants has included that the Masterclasses are ‘insightful’, ‘interesting’, ‘enjoyable’ and ‘engaging’.

Dr Murli Viswanathan will tomorrow host a Masterclass called Big Data and Policy Analytics at 4pm (Australian Central Daylight Time). The class will then be repeated, to suit those in different time zones, at 8am Thursday (ACDT).

“Put simply, you need to treat data as the most important asset of your organisation,” Dr Viswanathan said.

“You must be up-to-date with the latest technologies. If you’re relying on older approaches and your knowledge isn’t current, instead of reaching your maximum potential you’ll be chugging along doing just 50 per cent of what you could be.

“I will discuss the machine-learning tools that can give you valuable insights without the need to learn sophisticated computer science theory and invest huge sums of money.”

To register for Dr Viswanathan’s Masterclass, click here.

Prof. Bolongaita will host the final Masterclass, Public Entrepreneurship and Corruption in the Digital Age, on March 25 and 26. You can register here.