New Zealand’s The Project Interviews Prof Bolongaita on Impact of AI on Vehicle Terrorism

Posted 25th August 2017

The Project, New Zealand’s top current affairs show, recently interviewed CMU-A Head and Professor of Public Policy & Management Emil Bolongaita regarding artificial intelligence and its potential impact to prevent future vehicle terrorist attacks.

Recent terrorist attacks using vehicles in the US, Spain, France, Australia and elsewhere have led to increasing fears about public safety in roads and transport networks. Prof Bolongaita spoke of CMU’s pioneering research in connected and autonomous vehicles and how AI systems in the near future can prevent such attacks.

“CMU is doing pathbreaking R & D in driverless cars, and a major objective is to develop systems so that vehicles will refuse to crash against other vehicles and human beings,” Prof Bolongaita said. He explained that “such AI in vehicles  will be ready in a few years that will take over control from drivers and then governments can mandate their adoption and thereby reduce the risks to public safety from accidents and terrorist attacks”.

 For more on the interview of Prof Bolongaita, please watch video below.