Welcome back TK

Posted 24th January 2019

Carnegie Mellon University’s Professor Dr. T.K. Lim (Dr. Tiong Kiong Lim) has returned to the Australia campus in January 2019 to teach Financial Analysis courses.

Over the past 13 years, T.K has been assigned to teach accounting, finance and economics courses at both CMU’s Pittsburgh (United States) and Adelaide (Australia) campuses. While in Pittsburgh campus, T.K is also the faculty advisor for experiential learning CMU-A.T. Kearney Student Lab capstone projects for MBA and MISM students.

“CMU is unique in the world in that irrespective of where you study – in the US or Australia – you do the same degree."

This semester, T.K is teaching Financial Analysis, which is a core course offered to both Information Technology as well as Public Policy and Management Masters students. In these courses, students learn how managers, investors, creditors, donors, foundations, regulators, and other parties use financial information and analytics to make informed-decisions in organizations. It includes tools of both financial and managerial accounting, applied economic analysis, corporate finance, and investment analysis.

Professor TK along with his students from Financial Analyis

“CMU is unique in the world in that irrespective of where you study – in the US or Australia – you do the same degree,” said T.K.

“CMU provides a global educational experience for students. During the class, I share my problem-solving techniques and skills as well as working experiences in the private sector of finance and investment banking institutions across Asia Pacific and Europe zones. The students work on real-world problems and design a value-added technology-aided solution. Upon graduation, students will be able to perform financial analytics using financial data, cost analytics, master budget, investment appraisal, and designing an internal control system”

T.K holds a PhD degree in Accounting and Finance from Monash University. He also has an MBA degree from the University Putra Malaysia and a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) with honors degree from the University Malaya. Before he joined Carnegie Mellon University in 2006 as Teaching Professor of Finance and Public Policy, he was a finance instructor of universities in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan.

TK is a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants Australia, member of the American Finance Association and member of the American Economic Association. His research areas cover financial forecasting, investment analysis and portfolio management, asset valuation, issues in banking sector, and financial education.

Professor TK lectures students on the principles of Financial Analysis