Carnegie Mellon University graduates work in influential positions locally and around the world, including in foreign aid and development programs, major corporations and governments, and play a central role in many critical business functions. Our graduates learn these skills through our highly-ranked, internationally recognised masters degree programs which offer a flexible and interdisciplinary approach to examining societal problems from various perspectives. As a result, they learned to use technology, quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as group dynamics to arrive at innovative solutions.

Partnership Opportunities

As an employer, Carnegie Mellon University in Australia is an ideal resource if you want to:

  • Access a pool of skilled, knowledgeable individuals to meet your permanent or temporary hiring needs, or to host through an internship.
  • Enhance your philanthropic and outreach efforts
  • Engage with highly-qualified students through Capstone Projects unique to Carnegie Mellon University
  • Develop partnership opportunities
  • Undertake elite, practical and relevant professional development through our executive courses and training

Corporate and Foundation Support

Funding from corporations and foundations supports the valuable work undertaken at Carnegie Mellon University in Australia. From cutting edge research by some of the world’s leading policy experts to support for future public interest leaders - these grants make a significant impact on our ability to fulfil our mission and vision.

If you would like further information on engagement and partnership opportunities please contact us.