Piranhas' Feast | Creating Big Opportunities for Innovation and Partnership

The Concept

In the traditional Shark Tank, small fish enter in the hope of securing a rare offer of support. That model has been used to drive investment into start-up businesses. Chances of collaboration are relatively low.

At CMU Australia, the waters in the tank are different and ones that are conducive to a special school of fish. CMU Australia has started the ‘Piranhas’ Feast’ because opportunities are created differently. The ‘university of piranhas’ are very hungry for opportunities, big opportunities. With world class skills, a passion to succeed and the resilience to overcome challenges, students want to feast on big opportunities.

In the real-world, if a shark enters a tank full of piranhas, it is "game on", and finally the shark is no match for a school of piranhas.

If, however, there is a bigger feed on offer, both the shark and the piranhas are likely to go after the bigger opportunity. At CMU Australia we seek partnerships and welcome hungry sharks with big project ideas and/or funding to the ‘Piranhas’ Feast’ for collaborative creation and feed on big opportunities. Given the different skills yet similar passion to succeed, the possibility of a synergistic relationship is high. CMU Australia envisions enormous opportunities for collaboration.

The Method

The Reverse-Pitch

The investor reverse-pitches the opportunity to the students on why the opportunity should be attractive to them and why they should choose the investor to partner with

Synergistically Developed

The feast is engulfed with a clear appreciation for the strengths of the other and in a manner that seeks to keep the relationship strong.

Student's Pitch Back

Informal discussions are held and thereafter, based on the level of interest, students pitch back to the investor on why they should be chosen as partners for the feast.

Past Events

Tranjan Scientific and Medical, April 2019

Trajan Scientific and Medical is a group with 450 employees, headquartered in Melbourne (Ringwood), with factories in USA (NC, CA, TX) and Malaysia, commercial offices in UK, EU and Japan. TSM develops and manufactures a range of technologies for analytical testing laboratories.

Presenter: Dr. Anne Collins, General Manager of Microsampling Business Unit

Trajan Nutrition, April 2019

Trajan Nutrition (TN) is a joint venture between SAHMRI and Trajan Scientific and Medical (TSM).

TN is based at SAHMRI, where a team of scientists collaborate at SAHMRI nutrition lab, has a business development team in Melbourne and affiliated marketing and commercial teams in USA, UK and Japan.|

TN is a new branch dedicated to develop and offer solutions to the growing global demand of nutrition tests. TN is finalising its strategy to globally address five market areas: pathology labs; scientific research and clinical trials; nutraceuticals and supplements; corporate wellness; health insurance companies.

Opportunity in the current market development strategy and execution in the following areas: The student(s) will have the opportunity to be engaged in an activity covering the following steps:

  • Initial study of the market and its trends, analysis of TN value proposition, presentation of the same
  • Creation of a global target list
  • Involvement in the generation of contents and the identification of channels
  • Execution of one or more direct marketing initiatives
  • Collection of expressions of interest and involvement in follow up

Presenter: Marco Baccanti, CEO of Trajan Nutrition

Worksorted/Weworkbook, April 2019

Weworkbook is a web-based solution supporting businesses that run training courses, seminars or workshop events to:

  • Plan their upcoming events or courses
  • Boost conversion of enquiries to bookings
  • Focus marketing efforts
  • Help teams plan and communicate

Presenter: Dan Fitzgerald, founder of Worksorted and Weworkbook

WISECAR, April 2019

WISECAR develops software solutions for fleet management, researches on vehicle IoT services integration and exploring the feasibility of using blockchain technology in the fleet management market. WISECAR project was initiated during the ADC Blockchain Summit 2019 when the concept was pitched for the first time as one of the finalists of Blockchain Innovation Challenge 2019. WISECAR PTY LDT is also a partner of Founder Institute Palo Alto, California, United States and a graduating company from the Founder Institute Adelaide program. Five positions were offered.

Presenters: Md. Zaidul Alam, Naiyer F. Khanom and Mihir Gada | Founders of WISECAR

Health and Life, October 2019

David Dahm is a Chartered Accountant and is the CEO and Founder of Health and Life, which is a national Chartered Accounting Firm that provides advisory, tax and accounting services to the healthcare industry. He presented the opportunity of establishing an international board who will be responsible for harmonising the standards and clinical bodies for healthcare. Learn more

Helistar Aviation, September 2019

Shane Yeend owner of Helistar Aviation, is one of Adelaide’s most prolific and successful entrepreneurs. With a grand plan of using drones to manage the safety of beaches, Shane entered CMU-A’s piranha tank. With a successful reverse-pitch, students were delighted with the possibility to partner. Individual student pitches were then made, and four students were chosen to take the opportunity forward. This was the first ever feast event. Learn more

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