Hafsa Mariam

CMU-A Ambassador, Masters of Public Policy and Management
  • India

"Born and bred in India’s Garden City, Bangalore, I grew up on a steady diet of filter coffee, sticky toffee, and comic atrophy. Look closely and you’ll likely find a soul made of dosas and a spirit that sings sunshine (hey, I’m Indian). Before arriving at CMU, I spent six years at Goldman Sachs, where I spent my days navigating derivative calculations and admiring my reflection on the computer screen.

I’ve always harboured a deep love for travel and food and I suppose that’s what brought me down under. So far, it’s been amazing and I’m hoping that my time here unfolds new, exciting experiences that I can meticulously chronicle on my Instagram feed. After I graduate with a Master of Public Policy, I aspire to work at a multilateral organisation that will offer me new insights and new learning.

I believe that being a campus ambassador can offer me a valuable window to both students and industry, which I promise to leverage effectively."

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